How to Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Low Code Microsoft Power Platform

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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Low Code Microsoft Power Platform

Many businesses face challenges in their journey toward digital transformation. These include tangled inefficient manual tasks, grappling with ageing systems, and lack of clear, real-time data insights.

The quest for efficiency, integration, and visibility is critical for growth and agility. That’s why low-code solutions are an effective bridge to overcoming these hurdles.

Low code platforms make it easier to build applications and solutions, cutting through complexity and enabling more responsive strategies.

As we delve deeper, we’ll explore how ServerSys, as a Microsoft partner, uses the low code Power Platform to meet the digital transformation needs of businesses.

Prepare to discover how embracing low code can drive your business forward, overcoming obstacles of the past.

What is Low Code Development?

Low code platforms streamline software development, offering a quick and intuitive way to build applications. This approach accelerates timelines and opens development to more contributors.

When you adopt a low code model, your business gains scalable benefits, regardless of size. For instance, small businesses can compete more effectively by quickly deploying sophisticated applications with reduced overheads. At the same time, larger enterprises benefit from the ability to innovate and scale without being ensnared in coding complexities.

The advantages of low code extend to:

  • Lower IT Costs: Reducing reliance on a large technical staff translates into significant cost savings, as non-technical team members can actively participate in development.
  • Reduced Dependency on Developers: This development democratisation lets you progress without being limited by a shortage of specialised IT personnel.
  • Enhanced Adaptability to Change: Empowering more people to quickly deploy and modify solutions in response to new challenges and market changes is invaluable. Low code platforms enable this flexibility, minimising downtime and keeping businesses agile.

In summary, low code platforms are crucial to an organisation’s digital strategy. They increase responsiveness, foster innovation, and drive cost efficiency without sacrificing the quality of digital solutions.

Key Features of the Low Code Microsoft Power Platform

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The low code Power Platform offers products that help businesses increase efficiency and gain actionable insights into their operations. It extends beyond simple tooling to deliver functionalities that address business challenges such as time-consuming manual tasks, updating legacy systems, and increasing cross-functional collaboration.

Our team helps organisations benefit from Power Platform capabilities, including:

Swift, tailored app creation

Power Apps tools empower everyone to build custom apps that address challenges, including processing bottlenecks, all with minimal coding required. Using Power Apps, people from all backgrounds can quickly turn their ideas into apps that increase productivity and integrate with their data infrastructure.

Intelligent process automation

Using Power Automate, organisations enhance workflow efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and managing complex processes across services and applications. By using this capability, you can count on consistent, accurate, and time-saving operations that help your business scale.

Advanced data visualisation and analytics

Transform raw data into visually compelling and interactive dashboards using Power BI. This real-time data analysis brings crucial insights to the forefront, aiding strategic decision-making across various business functions.

Low code, process-driven websites

Rapidly deploy websites using low code tools that integrate with data in Dynamics 365, Power Apps and other applications. Power Pages makes it simpler for all organisations to provide external users with online self-service capabilities to streamline interactions and improve process efficiency.

These are just a selection of low code Power Platform features. Now, let’s look at examples of the outcomes these tools create for organisations.

Transforming Organisations with the Power Platform

These Microsoft stories show how these diverse organizations have accelerated digital transformation with the Power Platform.

Call2Recycle expanded its battery recycling programs using the Power Platform. This effort included developing a low code Power Pages site to help retailers recycle e-bike batteries. Over 70,000 pounds of batteries have been collected and recycled within two years, representing enough material to make 10,000 new batteries.

Tax and consulting experts, RSM uses a combination of low code Power Platform tools to increase its process efficiency and exceed client expectations. An early success was deploying a Power BI dashboard that provides a snapshot of its sales KPIs, pipelines and profitability for senior leaders. More recently, its tax team used Power Apps and Power Automate to improve client communications with personalised updates by developing an app that also saved over 2000 hours.

Hear how American Red Cross business users have been able to create custom solutions for everyday operational challenges, significantly reducing paperwork and increasing workflow efficiency. Further benefits include using Power BI dashboard reporting to improve its disaster management capabilities.

A long-term employee at leading flour supplier Ardent Mills led the journey towards paperless processing using the Power Platform. The company’s first app, developed in less than a month, resolved pain points with the management of forms submitted by quality managers and lab technicians, removing the need for manual checks and updates.

A member of Heathrow Airport’s security team identified an early opportunity to benefit from the Power Platform. They saw the potential to create a low code Power App that digitised a paper-based security resource, now used by all of Heathrow’s security officers and managers.

In one of our recently published client stories, global law firm Hill Dickinson highlighted how the Power Platform enabled it to replace paper-based processes. This included working with ServerSys to develop an app that allows team members to efficiently check in attendees to in-person events, saving time and creating better experiences.

Simplify Your Digital Transformation Journey with ServerSys

Smooth your digital transformation journey by transforming your operations with Microsoft’s low code Power Platform. Utilise efficiency, innovation, and agility without added complexity.

As a Microsoft partner, ServerSys will be with you, making state-of-the-art technology practical and manageable for your business.

Ready to enhance your processes and accelerate growth? Connect with ServerSys to see what you can achieve with the Power Platform and our digital transformation consultancy services.

    June 26, 2024

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