Together, we increase engagement.

Businesses can often struggle to deliver uninterrupted, personalised customer experiences across every interaction.

Siloed data, legacy systems, and disjointed workflows create friction that can erode trust and damage customer relationships. To strengthen loyalty in an experience economy, companies must adopt a truly customer-centric approach.

At ServerSys, we offer the expertise and technology to unite your data and modernise processes that will transform CX.

We’ll use Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Cloud Platform to help you effectively use your data to delight customers and build stronger relationships through proactive engagement and actionable insights.

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Benefits to you

Increased customer satisfaction

Gain unified insights to deliver personalised, proactive experiences that delight customers.

Operational efficiency

Reduce costs by modernising customer workflows that increase agent productivity.

Revenue growth

Boost sales by applying data-driven insights to identify upsell opportunities that increase customer value. 

Competitor differentiation

Stand out by optimising your customer journeys to strengthen loyalty and brand reputation.

How we help organisations transform CX

Examples of how we help clients develop and enhance customer experience:

💻 Delight Customers with Self-Service Portals

We implement web portals that streamline communication and improve access to resources, including FAQs and knowledge articles, to foster a supportive community among participants.

For example, we implemented a portal that enabled Tellimer’s clients to access its emerging market insights within a personalised experience securely.

We’ve also worked with Police Now to create an online community portal which provides 24/7 access to tools and resources. This resulted in better networking and reduced admin, enabling participants to find answers, network, and share ideas.

Similarly, we’ve helped healthcare rm go to market with an innovative workplace portal template for organisations. This has enabled the company to reach a wider audience and connect with established HR platforms.

Learn more about our web portal solutions.

💡 Resolve Issues Faster with Integrated Knowledge

An integrated knowledge hub within Dynamics 365 CRM will streamline issue resolution and significantly enhance customer service.

We can help you set up a centralised resource of answers and best practice steps that your agents and customers can instantly access to find solutions and resolve issues quickly.

Your knowledge base will be managed within Dynamics, so your team will always have access to the latest information. We can also help you share the same resources with your customers via a secure online portal that allows them to make requests and check the status of open tickets.

✉️ Grow Relationships with Real-Time Marketing

Engaging customers in the moment is crucial for memorable experiences, and Dynamics 365 provides real-time capabilities to make that possible.

Using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys (formerly Dynamics 365 Marketing), we can help you create personalised journeys that nurture customers with timely, relevant interactions, leading to increased engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

Our team can work with you to implement data-driven campaigns triggered by customer behaviour to deliver contextual messages that resonate. Dynamics captures data from customer engagement across channels, which informs personalised follow-ups via their preferred contact methods. We’ll help you segment your audience and define tailored content for each scenario, enabling you to orchestrate personalised journeys.

☁️ Unify Your Data in the Cloud

Let our Microsoft product experts help you transition fully to the cloud to unify customer data, eliminate disjointed systems, and enable flexible workflows for smooth CX. Our solutions will tailor your technology stack for scalability and future innovation.

We’ll support you in migrating any remaining on-premises workloads to Dynamics 365 CRM or Power Apps, removing the friction that hampers your customer experience. Plus, with change management guidance, we’ll support your team’s increased adoption of Microsoft Business Applications.

⚙️ Customer Journey Workflow Automation

Automate workflows across your customer lifecycle to proactively strengthen relationships using Dynamics 365. Our team can tailor journeys by mapping processes and applying your business logic with contextual data.

Workflows triggered by customer behaviours enable proactive outreach, such as saving at-risk accounts through timely interventions. Service-level agreements help protect your most valuable customers by alerting your team to contractual commitments. Onboarding workflows can share relevant information to make new customer transitions seamless while nudging engagement.

Automated workflows applied thoughtfully at each stage help you anticipate needs and demonstrate value to build trust and loyalty through orchestrated CX.

For instance, see how we helped the regulatory organisation ODPA reduce its registration time through automated workflows to improve user experience.

👁️‍🗨️ Unified Customer View

Integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with your other core systems can help you connect your data and create a single source of truth. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of your customers and their journeys.

By unifying data within Microsoft Dataverse, we’ll develop insightful views, reports, and dashboards to inform your decision-making and create engaging experiences.

A unified customer view will empower your teams to shift from reactive to predictive. With Dynamics 365, you can understand your customers holistically and engage with them meaningfully at scale.

💪 Collaboration and AI Capabilities

As Microsoft continues to release collaborative and AI-powered features, our product experts will help you use these new capabilities to strengthen CX.

This includes utilising Teams integration within the Dynamics user interface to enable real-time engagement with colleagues, leading to faster issue resolution.

We will also provide guidance on adopting the latest Copilot innovations to enhance customer experiences by suggesting the best next actions on cases, accounts, and other records, ensuring consistency, and promoting proactive outreach.

Let us guide you and cut through the hype to implement practical collaborative and AI-powered solutions that elevate your CX.

💬 Listen to Customers with Integrated Surveys

Continuously improve customer experiences by capturing feedback in the flow of work for ongoing CX insights you can quickly act on.

Our engineers accelerate the implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice surveys that trigger timely invites to solicit feedback. Questions are tailored to reveal perception, satisfaction, and areas for improvement across touchpoints.

Additional workflows can be applied to automatically route responses to appropriate teams for follow-up, ensuring accountability. Sentiment analysis highlights recurring themes to inform customer journey mapping.

Read a case study example of how ServerSys helped Mitie Cleaning improve customer satisfaction using automated surveys to identify and resolve service issues faster.

🤖 Meet Demand with Intelligent Chatbots

Chatbots integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM and web portals can provide customers with self-service capabilities to resolve common queries and deflect issues. Our team will help you build and deploy a conversational bot that is trained using your content to answer hundreds of questions.

We’ll use the latest Power Virtual Agents features, including generative AI capabilities, to shortcut the authoring process, enabling bots to source answers from your knowledge base, website, SharePoint library or other resources.

Contact us to explore how to deploy an intelligent, helpful bot that will efficiently respond to your customer needs at scale.

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