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The Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code development stack enabling organisations of all sizes to solve business problems through robust apps, automated workflows, analytics and secure data management.

It brings together capabilities for app innovation, workflow efficiency, data analysis and system integration – with security built into every layer.

Its core components, including Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI, work cohesively to support organisational goals.

At ServerSys, we use the versatility of the Platform both through developing bespoke solutions for clients and upskilling in-house teams. We can help your organisation utilise the Power Platform effectively through all stages – from creativity and design to technical execution and user adoption.

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Consolidating Disparate Systems

Legacy systems and unstructured datasets trap vital data, limiting visibility and value.

Using Microsoft Dataverse and Power Apps we enable organisations to combine their data and workflows in a single secure cloud platform.

Dataverse provides a centralised data store to break down data silos, while Power Apps uses pre-built connectors and templates to accelerate the development of process-driven low code apps.

By harnessing Dataverse as an integrated data platform alongside Power Apps, we can help you modernise your systems for improved governance, visibility, and management.

Power BI visual dashboard

Unlocking Data-Driven Decisions

Reliance on raw data metrics hampers managers and teams from acting strategically.

With Power BI, we help teams visualise information to reveal actionable insights. Collaborating closely, we guide teams to develop interactive reports and dashboards filtered to their priorities.

By experiencing data tailored to their responsibilities, everyone can answer vital questions in real-time without reliance on developers. Power BI brings disparate sources together for a contextual, unified view that informs confident decision-making.

Streamlining Workflows

Using outdated tools and manual workflows creates productivity bottlenecks that limit operational agility.

We help organisations increase efficiency using Power Automate and the automation capabilities of the Power Platform.

Our technicians modernise workflows by connecting processes across systems and automating cross-functional tasks. Through efficient processing, teams can regain hours previously absorbed by repetitive manual tasks.

We’ll help you transform more processes using Power Automate and show you how to harness its Copilot gen-AI capabilities to simplify the creation of impactful flows.

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Photo of a young man seated behind a desk looking at a laptop screen displaying the Power Pages website designer.

Empowering Stakeholders Through Intuitive Portals

Email and phone communications can slow down support teams, hurting stakeholder satisfaction.

Power Pages enables process-driven portals to be quickly deployed that unify communication and provide self-service for stakeholders. Custom interfaces allow users to access knowledge resources and documentation, manage information, and resolve issues 24/7.

Behind the scenes, native integrations with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform provide real-time access to data.

To meet specific needs, ServerSys uses Power Pages and Microsoft Azure to deploy custom portals that enable organisations to reduce admin and increase stakeholder engagement.

Power Platform FAQs

How do the various components of the Power Platform work together?

The Power Platform components work cohesively to generate solutions, each addressing specific needs. Power Apps handles custom app development, Power Automate enables low code workflow automation, Power BI focuses on data visualisations for insights, and Power Pages for publishing process-driven websites.

Underpinning them, Microsoft Dataverse serves as a low code data platform for unifying data across apps, workflows and analytics. Built on Azure, Dataverse also connects Dynamics 365 with other sources so unified data can be utilised across Power Platform components for maximum value.

Together, they provide robust, integrated low code solution on a unified data foundation.

How does Dynamics 365 integrate with the Power Platform?

As the core customer data platform, Dynamics 365 natively integrates with Power Platform components via Dataverse by unifying data across apps, workflows, insights, and portals.

Via Dataverse, the common data service, Dynamics 365 data flows connected across Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Pages to update tailored solutions.

This unified data access enables organisations to run Dynamics 365 alongside the Power Platform tools to increase business agility through app development, workflow automation, data-driven insights and portal engagement channels.

How does ServerSys ensure user adoption when rolling out Power Platform solutions?

We aim to drive user adoption by creating change management plans that prioritise ease of use while customising solutions to modernise workflows. We provide ongoing training and support to instil confidence in the new solutions, reinforcing their utilisation and sparking ideas for further efficiency gains.

How can the Power Platform improve our customer experiences?

The Power Platform empowers organisations of all sizes to deploy tailored digital experiences that make customer interactions more seamless, responsive, and impactful.

For example, intuitive self-service portals allow customers to get questions answered or conduct transactions independently 24/7. Additionally, automated notifications triggered by Power Automate can proactively alert customers to shipment notifications, appointment reminders or other events. Behind the scenes, customer data unification provides visibility, enabling issues to be addressed contextually.

By increasing convenience through self-service and automation while supporting omnichannel assistance, the Power Platform helps to drive satisfaction, loyalty and growth through enhanced customer experiences.

Accelerate your transformation – start today!

At ServerSys, our consultants strive to become trusted advisors to guide organisational digital transformation with the Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

We will collaborate to comprehend your strategic vision before configuring tailored solutions using low code tools, including Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate. With proven success driving adoption and results, we’ll support you in continuously adapting to align with your roadmap.

Our partnership brings together real-world experience in creating solutions that capitalise on the versatility of the Platform to solve problems with ingenuity.

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