Driving Value from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

ServerSys is a long-standing Microsoft partner helping organisations increase the impact of Dynamics 365 CRM.

With over 25 years of experience implementing business systems and an obsessive focus on customer experience, we are uniquely positioned to help you increase efficiency and accelerate growth.

We specialise in D365 CRM applications for Sales, Customer Services and Customer Insights – Journeys (previously Marketing) and offer expertise across the Microsoft Power Platform.

Our solutions include helping organisations of all sizes build stronger relationships, connect data, and see a clearer view of their business.

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Top Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Secure Data – built on the trusted Microsoft Cloud, D365 provides enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities out-of-the-box.
  • Flexible Pricing – only pay for what you need. Each app can be purchased individually to avoid unnecessary expense.
  • Regular updates – incremental weekly updates and two main release waves each year deliver new features and innovations.
  • Seamless integration – native integration with Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and other familiar apps increases productivity and collaboration.
  • Scalable for growth – built on the Power Platform, D365 apps flexibly scale and adapt as your business grows.
  • Streamline workflowsincrease efficiency with guided and automated processes that apply your rules to qualify leads, handle cases, and drive desired outcomes across other workflows.
  • Intelligent insights – with your data stored in one place, save time and gain insights with embedded intelligence.
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Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Apps

Dynamics 365 Sales icon

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Accelerate your sales to win faster with relationship intelligence, automation, contextual insights and productivity-boosting capabilities. D365 Sales empowers sellers to have productive customer discussions that increase growth.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service icon

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

D365 Customer Service capabilities include case management, embedded knowledge and integration with self-service portals to rapidly resolve issues and deliver personalised, omnichannel service that increases satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights icon

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Orchestrate individualised journeys in real-time with D365 Customer Insights – Journeys (formerly Dynamics 365 Marketing). Respond to behaviours with tailored, cross-channel campaigns that boost engagement and conversions.

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Customer Quotes

“Thanks to ServerSys, we’ve transitioned to Dynamics 365 in a structured and positive way and now have a modern cloud-based solution already delivering measurable productivity gains, is highly adaptable and infinitely configurable, and will enable us to harness new technologies like AI in the future.”

Neil Spires, One Toyota Fleet Strategy, Motability & CRM Manager at Toyota (GB) plc.

“Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics was probably the smoothest transition I have ever completed. ServerSys went out of their way to make everything work perfectly. It’s comforting to know that we have experts working alongside us who will go the extra mile.”

Stuart Dennis, MIS Group Project Manager at Altodigital.

“It’s true to say Dynamics has changed how we work. Users are very positive, and we now have a single sight of every client interaction across the business. Plus, we’re now harnessing our new reporting capabilities to make better business decisions.”

Daryl Hine, Chief Operating Officer at Stellar Asset Management.

Our Dynamics 365 CRM Services

Millennial technician working on a Dynamics 365 customisation using a laptop in his home office.


We manage projects through an agile, phased methodology focused on your needs – from understanding requirements and customisation to testing, training and ongoing support.

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Female support agent using Dynamics 365 Customer Service to help resolve a customer issue


Our UK-based support team provides comprehensive Dynamics help to resolve issues quickly. We go beyond troubleshooting to increase value with strategic advice to evolve your system.

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Experienced male consultant sitting in communal office area with a laptop running Dynamics 365.

Managed Services

We offer ongoing consultancy and guidance to advance your Dynamics system. With a deep understanding of your business, we’ll provide technical expertise to make continuous improvements.

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Rear camera shot of a woman seated at a home office desk engaged in a remote Dynamics 365 training session with co-workers.


Our training sessions are tailored to individual needs and solutions, covering user adoption and technical guidance to accelerate knowledge transfer and empower everyone to achieve more with Dynamics 365.

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Male Dynamics 365 consultant standing holding a tablet device in an office.

Project Rescue

If Dynamics isn’t meeting your expectations, our experts will get you back on track. With deep knowledge and a collaborative approach, we’ll rapidly resolve issues, transfer skills, and align CRM with your strategic vision.

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Female health services worker browsing Microsoft self-service web portal on a tablet device.

Web Portals

We design custom portals integrated with D365 to centralise resources, streamline workflows, and deliver personalised self-service experiences to enhance engagement and efficiency.

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Why Partner with ServerSys

  • High customer retention reflects our commitment to long-term partnerships.
  • 25+ years of experience supporting CRM and business solutions.
  • 100% focus on Dynamics 365 CRM and the Microsoft Cloud Platform.
  • Microsoft CSP Tier-1 Partner means we have direct access to Microsoft engineering and support teams.
  • Specialisations including integrations, D365 project rescue and custom web portals.
  • Proven track record of increasing adoption and productivity.
  • Commitment to knowledge sharing and increasing in-house expertise.
  • Proactive optimisation and continuous improvement mindset.
  • Dedicated account management for strategic guidance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main of using Dynamics 365 for sales teams?

Dynamics 365 Sales boosts productivity with built-in lead and opportunity management for pipeline visibility and sales analytics. Guided processes and automated workflows standardise processes and minimise repetitive tasks.

In addition, the integration of Dynamics 365 Sales with Outlook and Teams, as well as its Copilot AI capabilities, offers additional productivity benefits to sellers.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Sales.

How does D365 help improve customer service?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps agents resolve issues faster by unifying data into complete customer profiles.

Its omnichannel engagement, case management, knowledge base, and self-service portal capabilities, all powered by the Power Platform, work together to help teams increase customer satisfaction. Learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

What types of reporting and dashboards are included in D365?

In addition to its inbuilt dashboards, Dynamics 365 natively integrates with Power BI to embed interactive visuals and insights within the user interface.

ServerSys will work with you to understand your reports needs to create reports, charts and dashboards that enable you to monitor your key metrics in real-time and gain actionable insights.

How can Dynamics 365 CRM help my marketing automation?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys provides real-time marketing automation tailored to individual contacts and their tracked interactions. Marketers can orchestrate personalised journeys across channels to drive engagement with timely messages.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (formerly Dynamics 365 Marketing)

What AI capabilities does Dynamics 365 have?

Microsoft continues to invest significantly in adding AI capabilities to its cloud platform and business applications, including Dynamics 365. These include predictive analytics and AI-driven recommendations to guide users on the next best actions.

Recent innovations include releasing Microsoft Copilot across Dynamics 365, Outlook, Teams and Power Platform products to help teams better use their time by simplifying repetitive tasks, generating ideas and refine processes.

How quickly can ServerSys implement Dynamics?

Our agile approach means that we can have you up and running with Dynamics 365 in just a few weeks rather than months.

We follow a proven process that focuses on driving rapid time-to-value. Once your system is deployed, we will continue to support you by making continuous improvements to enhance your user experience and respond to new requirements.

Can D365 integrate with my other business systems?

Our integration experts are proficient in connecting Dynamics 365 with other applications and data sources through Microsoft Dataverse. We can connect your backend systems, including ERP, import data, and build custom workflows between Dynamics 365 and other platforms. Learn more about how Dynamics can enable you to create a 360° customer view.

Is Dynamics 365 suitable for small businesses?

Dynamics 365 is a highly versatile solution tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. Its flexible licensing model allows for cost-effective scaling, making it an ideal choice for companies with growth plans.

At ServerSys, we support numerous small businesses and large enterprises that have achieved significant business transformation using Dynamics.

How is Dynamics 365 licensed?

Dynamics 365 uses a role-based licensing model. You only pay for the specific apps and features your users need. Licensing options include Enterprise and Professional levels. User licenses can be structured on monthly or annual terms per user.

ServerSys can advise you to ensure user groups are adequately licensed to avoid overspending. Learn more about Dynamics licensing.

How secure is Dynamics 365?

With built-in enterprise-grade security and encryption capabilities, Dynamics 365 meets rigorous compliance standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO. Customer data is protected by 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit.

Dynamics 365 runs on the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud, with more compliance certifications than any other provider. Granular user and role-based access controls, multi-factor authentication, and auditing features safeguard your data.

Microsoft invests up to $4 billion annually in cybersecurity and its teams constantly monitor threats and vulnerabilities to ensure Dynamics 365 remains resilient and secure. As a cloud-based SaaS application, security patching happens automatically without disruption. Learn more on the Microsoft Trust Center.

How does Dynamics 365 CRM compare with Salesforce?

Read our article for an overview of the key differences and similarities between Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

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