Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

We help healthcare providers by designing Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform solution that simplify workflows and boost stakeholder experiences.

Unifying Systems for Coordinated Care and Communications

Health service providers are often burdened with complex data and workflow challenges. ServerSys specialises in consolidating disjointed information into unified views and automating tedious, repetitive tasks.

With Dynamics 365 and integrated web portals, organisations can securely connect data to improve care and insights. Ultimately, we develop solutions that put patients at the heart of healthier, connected experiences.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

Centralised Records

Consolidate your patient and stakeholder data into a unified view for coordinated care and personalised interactions.

Increased Productivity

Collaborate and share information and insights within the apps you already use, such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

Workflow automation

Modernise your processes with auto-alerts, notifications, and data transfers to increase operational efficiency.

Extract real-time insights

Use connected data to reveal trends and identify opportunities for improvement.

Enterprise-grade cloud security

Protects your data, including encryption and access controls that ensure robust data governance.

Scalable infrastructure

Built on Azure enabling capacities to seamlessly adapt as your requirements change.

Dynamics 365 Portals for Healthcare

ServerSys will help you implement a process-driven website for your patients and other external stakeholders. Natively integrated with Dynamics 365, our secure Microsoft portals help healthcare organisations establish a higher benchmark for communication and efficiency.

We develop websites that provide patients with convenient access to:

  • Appointment scheduling and updates.
  • Test results and care instructions.
  • Digital forms, avoiding paperwork.
  • Medication renewals and prescription tracking.
  • Secure provider messaging.
  • Personal health records that track health data over time.
  • Wellness education and preventative care resources

Key benefits include informed health decisions, greater engagement in personal care and tools to manage chronic conditions.

Our portal solutions are designed to include capabilities for:

  • Digital access to patient histories.
  • Referral and transfer of care coordination.
  • Secure communication with care teams.
  • Integration with a patient management system.
  • Feedback requests.

Integrated portals deliver benefits, including time savings through self-service capabilities and automation, improved stakeholder engagement, increased care coordination and better patient outcomes through educational resources.

Client Success Story

healthcare rm: We enabled healthcare rm to accelerate the launch of a health portal integrated with Dynamics 365 that expanded its services.

“ServerSys has enabled us to take our B2B proposition to a B2C market and a much wider UK employee community. We want to be market leaders in the delivery of digital health and employee well-being propositions that truly make a difference, and that’s what ServerSys have enabled us to achieve.”

Chris Howell, Technical Director at healthcare rm.

Healthcare rm supported by ServerSys with Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

Examples of Processes Managed in Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

We will implement Dynamics 365 to manage any relationship and workflow relevant to your organisation. Frequent examples include patient medical histories, tracking referrals, managing insurance claims, and more shown in the visual below.

Visualisation depicting 8 examples of frequent processes relevant to health service providers that can be managed in Dynamics 365 for healthcare.

What you can expect

Highly experienced consultants who will help you achieve in weeks what others may take months to accomplish.

Rapid timelines with the aim of delivering quick wins.

Customised solutions to fit your unique needs, developed through a consultative, customer-centric approach.

Transparent communications and a collaborative approach with a commitment to long-lasting partnership.

Ongoing support to transfer knowledge.

Proficient problem solvers committed to helping you maximise Dynamics 365 and Power Platform capabilities.

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