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We have been helping clients in numerous industries since 1998 to adopt more efficient ways of working, leading them to achieve higher levels of productivity.

Our solutions have enabled hundreds of organisations to improve their sales, service and marketing operations.

We simplify complex workflows, providing specialised expertise to quickly implement solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform that support scalable revenue growth.

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Benefits to you:

Sales efficiency

Streamline your processes with Dynamics 365 to help sellers minimise administration and close deals faster.

Complete tasks quicker

Save time by automating repetitive workflows to remove productivity blockers.

Accurate Data

Smarter workflows will consistently capture data to reduce errors and support informed decision-making.

Customer experience

Do more to delight your customers using efficient workflows and connected data to speed issue resolution.

How we can help you increase efficiency

Examples of how we help organisations advance their digital transformation to implement more efficient ways of working include:

🔔 Automated notifications and alerts.

Automated notifications and alerts increase efficiency while helping to deliver measurable results like reduced sales cycles and faster issue resolution.

Alerts tailored to your workflows will drive timely actions to achieve positive outcomes, including shorter sales cycles, increased customer retention, and prompt order status updates.

For Toyota GB, configurable sales approval alerts delivered faster deal progression to drive revenue growth.

We also helped Mitie use automated survey alerts that enabled its service teams to improve satisfaction by resolving customer issues rapidly.

🌐 Improve customer experiences with self-service portals.

We implement web portals that empower customers, partners and other stakeholders by reducing repetitive requests and enabling instant access to online resources.

For instance, we built a patient portal for a healthcare firm, which allowed patients to book appointments themselves. This not only lowered call volumes but also increased overall satisfaction.

Similarly, Cycling UK’s portal allows its members to update their details in real time, eliminating paperwork and manual data entry.

⚙️ Workflow automation.

Automating workflows helps improve response times and ensure consistency by completing routine actions and assigning tasks based on specific triggers and conditions.

Our expertise includes integrating external data sources with Microsoft Dataverse to connect data, including ERP platforms and SQL databases, to enable end-to-end automated processing.

For the regulatory organisation ODPA, we’ve configured automated workflows to improve its handling of complaints. Complaint information captured on its web forms is made instantly available to their case and compliance officers.

In another example, Cycling UK automated its member bookings for e-bikes and events by integrating third-party tools with their Dynamics 365 CRM. This has eliminated manual booking steps.

🔄 Streamline repetitive tasks.

We can simplify any repetitive process by mapping it to Dynamics 365 or other Power Apps, which will minimise effort and ensure consistent handling.

To ensure the efficient execution of these tasks, we will apply your methodology and business rules to help everyone involved consistently reach a successful outcome.

Examples of these guided processes include managing customer onboarding steps, handling support cases in line with SLAs, applying automated lead scoring, renewal workflows and event management tasks.

🖥️ Digitising paper-based processes.

If your business is still relying on traditional paper-based workflows, we’ll help you modernise these processes to reduce costs.

For example, this can include transitioning to digital solutions that increase efficiency and scale to process forms, registrations, surveys, knowledge resources and reports.

Upgrading to digital processes offers a range of benefits, including improved accessibility to information, real-time updates, and increased security with your data stored in the Microsoft Cloud.

☁️ Migrate to the cloud.

Whether you’re at the beginning or in the middle of your cloud journey, ServerSys is here to assist you in taking the next step.

Our team will aid you in migrating your CRM and other workflows from on-premises server-based software to the cloud. We will swiftly implement a cloud solution that will free up your IT resources, improve security, and ensure greater flexibility and scalability to support your objectives.

For example, check out how we helped Altodigital switch from an outdated CRM system to Dynamics 365 and witness their positive results.

🧠 Configure AI-powered features.

The AI capabilities of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are constantly evolving. Our aim is to assist you in understanding how they can practically benefit your organisation and support you in realising their benefits.

This includes deploying Sales Copilot to enhance the productivity of your sales team. By accessing CRM information and functionality within Outlook or Teams, sellers can save time by reducing app-switching. Additionally, we can help you enable auto-generated summaries for cases, opportunities and other records, which help everyone stay on top of things.

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