Unify Data for 360° Customer Views

Let us help you connect your data across teams and touchpoints to gain actionable customer insights that drive confident decisions and personalised interactions.

Single source of truth for customer information

Are you struggling with fragmented data and disconnected systems? Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ServerSys can help.

It’s tough to engage customers effectively without a unified view. But we connect CRM with other data sources, including ERP, bringing everything together in Microsoft Dataverse. This creates a clear view of each relationship, providing a single source of truth for accurate insights and agile decision-making.

With a complete picture, everyone will be empowered to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Contact us today to discuss how ServerSys can unite your data.

Benefits to you

Confident decisions

Make informed decisions and gain insights using complete, accurate customer information.

Customer retention

Understand each relationship comprehensively for personalised outreach and experiences.

Efficient operations

Streamline processes and boost productivity by equipping teams with centralised customer data.

Increased collaboration

Use company-wide customer views to increase cross-departmental collaboration.

How we help organisations form a clear customer picture

See Complete Views by Connecting CRM and ERP

Connect Dynamics 365 with your ERP system, such as Business Central, to enrich CRM data with orders, invoices, and other business information. This consolidated view makes accurate data readily accessible to inform decisions.

For instance, personalise promotions by combining purchase and relationship data to increase account value. 

We ensure ERP data is efficiently connected with CRM and create intuitive reporting so that you can gain a full picture of each relationship.

See an example of how we helped healthcare rm integrate its ERP and CRM.

Integrate e-Commerce Data for Purchase Insights.

Connect Dynamics 365 CRM with e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, to empower teams with a complete view of every customer.

Our engineers will create an inbound feed of order information into your CRM that provides a trusted 360º view, including purchase behaviour.

By combining this data, you’ll be able to engage customers with consistent and personalised experiences across channels. Additionally, you can make confident decisions and gain an accurate picture of customer lifetime value with connected e-commerce and CRM data.

Streamline Payment processes with Stripe Integration.

Integrating Stripe with Dynamics 365 will help integrate your payment processes and provide valuable insights.

With Stripe payment data available in Dynamics, you can create enriched customer views. These can help sales and marketing teams personalise offers and help service teams quickly respond to queries.

Boost Engagement with Connected Marketing Data.

We will assist you in integrating marketing automation with CRM to combine campaign history with relationship data. Bringing together marketing analytics and customer response data with sales and service insights will result in a comprehensive view.

We support implementations with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (formerly Dynamics 365 Marketing) and third-party solutions, including ClickDimensions and dotDigital. With your contact and marketing data integrated, you can accurately segment audiences and send personalised messages.

Migrating Disconnected Customer Data.

If you have customer data stored in spreadsheets, SQL databases, or a disconnected legacy application, we’ll help you transfer this to Dynamics 365.

We follow a proven migration process to move data from older platforms, such as on-premises databases, to a modern cloud environment.

Extract Actionable Insights.

Once our team has consolidated your customer data, they’ll upgrade your reporting, which can include interactive Power BI visualisations.

Using Dynamics 365 and Power BI gives you a real-time view through interactive dashboards, helping you make informed decisions to optimise your service and customer experience strategy.

Connect Document Libraries.

By integrating SharePoint and other document libraries with Dynamics 365, we can enhance your productivity and customer service levels by simplifying access to essential materials.

Maintaining a comprehensive customer overview, including agreements, contracts, and other documentation, is crucial for providing responsive service. Document searchability in Dynamics allows agents to quickly find the information they need for efficient servicing.

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