It's time to switch to Unified Client Interface (UCI)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface is coming. It promises an updated responsive design for the web with consistency across any screen and device.

The new Unified Interface brings all the rich experiences to any client that you are using. Whether you are on a browser, tablet, or phone, you will be able to consume similar experiences. Some examples:

  • Similar form experiences to update and view your records.
  • Interactive dashboards across all devices to view your information and drill into it.
  • Reference Panel is now available to be used with all entities supported in Unified Interface.
  • We now support right-to-left (RTL) languages.
  • All experiences on Unified Interface have accessibility improvements.
  • Increased performance

UCI is the future. New Dynamics 365 features added to the cloud version will likely only be compatible with UCI with the older interface supported less and less.

UCI promises speed, performance and user experience across all devices

The new interface usually requires optimisation for your own organisation so that each application such as Sales, Marketing or Customer Service performs correctly.

As a Dynamics 365 specialist, we can help configure your CRM environment to ensure your operations continue as normal, benefit from the enhancements to the user experience.

We can also provide a comprehensive training programme so your users aren't confused by the new UCI layout and can benefit from its range of benefits. Our courses can be delivered in your office or via a live demonstration using online conferencing.

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