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At Serversys we know that CRM software is not a quick fix for all your sales and client retention challenges. But you can get more from your CRM package – and derive major business benefits – by integrating it into a complete management solution.

From training front-line staff to day-to-day technical assistance, our professional support team can help solve your problems. You can also benefit from our business expertise – we will often identify potential problems and help you to avoid them before they actually happen. It’s this in-depth understanding and commitment to service on all levels that has led us to achieve an impressive 96% customer retention rate.

We’re also flexible. You can work with your support team in the way that best suits you:

Microsoft teams

Our online help and support centre connects you instantly with our highly qualified technical support team. From here we can remotely help you identify and resolve your problem.


For some technical queries, you may want to email us. Our email service automatically generates a support ticket, and we guarantee a response within 24hrs.


You can also access our support services by phone during normal working hours (9 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday).


Serversys customers can log in to a secure section of our website at any time to browse our extensive knowledge bank and access troubleshooting support.

All our support technicians are highly trained and experienced. The support they deliver is intrinsic to ‘Partner of the Year’ awards from our product vendors over the years.

Do you have an existing CRM solution and you’re simply not getting the help you need to keep it running effectively? You maybe risking security, performance and being left behind by competitors. At Serversys, our Support Service solves this risk. 

If you are looking to install CRM for the first time, or you have a legacy system that needs updating, simply get in touch and we will help talk you through the options that are right for your business.

To make your lives easier and to keep your client relationship engine running smoothly, we have a number of different ways in which you can contact us for support. We are open 9:00AM to 5:30PM Monday to Friday:

Tel: 0149 187 0119

Email: support@serversys.com

Alternatively, you can use the Self-Service ticket to open and manage your tickets:

Support Centre

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