Dynamics - The next generation of intelligent business applications

A business system that helps you grow, automate and streamline operations across all units of your organisation

Bringing together business applications for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Financials and Marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 bridges the gap between CRM and ERP incorporating familiar tools such as Outlook and Excel.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 harnesses the full power of Microsoft’s technology, combining advanced analytics and Power BI with the strength and security of Azure.

Using these modern tools gives you the ability to reduce integration costs and bring together business applications that speak directly to the digital transformation needs of customers.

What’s more, combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Office 365 and Teams means you can connect instantly with your co-workers – wherever they are, whatever devices they are using.

Accelerate your digital transformation to meet the changing needs of customers and capture the business opportunities of tomorrow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web Portals

Microsoft Portals transforms Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM into a powerful web engagement platform, as well as providing web portals and application lifecycle management solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Related Products

We also support external services that join up with D365 and are a crucial part of a CRM stack.


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We implement customised Dynamics 365 CRM solutions for a wide range of organisations.

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We have highlighted the top 10 reasons you should choose D365.

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