Earn customers for life with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Minimize customer effort, proactively address issues, and deliver more personalised, seamless service.

Give agents the knowledge they need to deliver faster, more consistent service.

Anticipate and react quickly to customer, business, and market demands using a customer service software application with intelligence built in.

Omni-channel engagement

Connect with customers anytime, anywhere

  • Use a unified platform for consistency and visibility across channels
  • Get deeper insights with a 360-degree customer view
  • Personalize interactions based on past interactions and behavior
omni-channel engagement

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Agent enablement

Help your agents succeed through a single user interface.

  • Support agents with a visual interface that delivers role-tailored experiences
  • Manage cases faster and provide differentiated levels of support
  • Speed resolution using machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities
support agents with unifying knowledge in dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Integrations

Dynamics strengths lies on its agility and integration with other tools to increase business productivity across the business. The Sales app is no different, with many integrations available both inside and outside the Microsoft family.

Microsoft Outlook

Track Customer interactions and cases in Dynamics directly in Outlook 365.

Microsoft Teams

Collaboration features make it easy for agents to find the help they need in Microsoft Teams and work together to solve cases.

Microsoft Power App Portal Pages

Leverage Power App Portal Pages with a self-service helpdesk where customers can track and update cases online.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service has two different licences, Professional and Enterprise. These are licenced per user, per month.

Customer Service Professional is priced at £41.10 and provides many of the features and access a customer service team would expect. Enterprise is £78.10 and brings access to further features and resources such as increased Customer Voice surveys and customisation. These prices fall to £16.40 should you have already have a subsequent qualifying app such as Dynamics 365 Sales.

There are also addon packs available such as Chat agent integrations across multiple platforms.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Service licencing.

If you have any questions on how licencing will impact you or need support, we can advise you on the best course of action.

Take ownership of your customer service

Improve customer service through a single, unified experience that delivers end-to-end service across every channel—earning customer loyalty and empowering agents.

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