Dynamics 365 CRM for Wealth Management

Connect intelligence throughout your business with customised business applications for Wealth Management.

As a fund manager you need to deal with all aspects of fund administration and accounting cost-effectively.

Our solutions provide scalable, fully automated workflow functions across a broad range of fund structures – from the simple to the most complex.

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Serversys deliver the ultimate portfolio management software solution for institutions and pensions to track and monitor their investments.

Our financial solutions serve Banks, Brokerage, Custody, Family Offices, IFAs & Distributors, Institutional Investors, Financial Services & Insurance and Wealth Management, organisations in the following fields: Investment Management, Asset Management, Wealth/Portfolio Management, Funds, Unit Trusts, Private Equity, Insurance and Pension Funds.

Offering Front-Mid-Back office functionality in both STP (Straight-Through-Processing). It a Multi-Currency, Multi-Entity & Multi-Asset Class. This single, seamless solution allows you to manage effectively and efficiently all aspects of fund administration.

This is supported with automating and simplifying labour-intensive administrative processes.

Our ‘adviser module’ give your IFA’s and there client real time information. This reduces your business time and cost in producing manual valuation statements.

🏢 Our products are multi-level solutions for:

  • Front Office
  • Middle Office
  • Back Office
  • Compliance
  • Sales & Top Management

🏦 Create new client accounts, investments, funds and portfolios

Our solution, seamlessly allows you to create new client accounts as well as other connected entities for both new and existing clients from within the solution. Once you enter the information, it is automatically copies to other parts of the system. This increases efficiency as you only have to enter the information once and it will be reflected throughout your system.

📏 Track and manage client interactions and related metrics

The capacity to keep a record of communications with the client. The unique arena facility displays all the information you regard as relevant for your clients.

Our solution enables you to view essential information and metrics such as:

  • Client details
  • Client transactions
  • Client investment holdings
  • Client portfolio
  • NAV movements
  • Share subscriptions
  • Share allotments
  • Liquidation information
  • Fund wind-ups
  • Calculate and monitor dividend payment
  • Track certificated holdings
  • Commission payments
  • Centralised EIS certificate
  • Tax certificates monitoring

You also achieve portfolio overview, overview of performance measurement and compliance monitoring.

💬 Get an overview of client interactions

As a CRM for financial services solution, this module has the capacity to keep a record of communications with the client. This allows you to obtain a quick overview of interactions with you having to leave the solution and look for the information in other parts of the solution or a separate application. It allows you to control lists and report types that are sent to a clients, thereby streamlining and simplifying your client administration processes.

🚀Next Generation Of CRM

We implement CRM solutions using the most up-to-date, cloud based Microsoft Dynamics 365

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