A single, seamless solution that allows companies to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of fund administration, through automation of business processes.


What is CRM for Financial Services?

At the heart of your finance business should be CRM; using people, processes and technology to gain an insight into customer and prospect behaviour.

CRM for financial services automates all aspects of fund administration by simplifying labour-intensive processes, such as private client portfolio management, cash and stock reconciliation, and stock transfers. It allows users to automate processes such as risk management and process workflow across a broad range of fund structures – from the simple to the most complex.

What Can CRM Offer You?

CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow users to manage administration processes in a cost-effective and efficient manner, freeing up time to create lasting client relationships. This, in turn, supports the development of longer-term customer loyalty, enabling you to get better value from your prospect base.

Serversys offers a range of CRM solutions for the finance industry including Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAGE, to help enhance client processes whilst providing transparency and compliance. No matter if your finance business is in banking, insurance, or investments, CRM for financial services improves operational efficiency and customer experience to help boost your bottom line.

Why Choose Serversys CRM Services?

At Serversys we have been delivering business productivity solutions including Microsoft Dynamics, since 1998. Our professional services team offers expert consulting and training services, as well as implementation planning. We apply best practice to applications integration including Office 365, and when it comes to Dynamics 365 we use our in-depth expertise and experience and to fulfil your exact business needs.

When it comes to ethos, we continuously strive to improve our customer experience and service range. As service specialists, we know that evolving customer demands dictate the financial products you need to be able to deliver. We also understand the need to operate with transparency, compliance, and security without losing the personal touch that is part of effective relationship management.

Serversys develop meaningful partnerships using an inherent understanding of business challenges, such as cultural adoption; over the past 15 years, we have resolved some of the most complex issues regarding CRM integration. Our team of experts will continue to work with you to deliver tangible benefits while providing exceptional technical support.

Financial Solutions

Key features:

  • Private client portfolio management
  • Cash and stock reconciliation
  • Stock transfers
  • Tracking funds under management
  • Asset allocations
  • Managing complex fund structures
  • Client profiling
  • New business processing
  • Settlements (including deceased holders)
  • Automated portfolio valuations
  • Automated risk management
  • Automated process workflow
  • Capture and monitoring of client contact details
  • Document management and distribution
  • Compliance and restriction management
  • Automated alerts for key accounts
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Delivery via desktop, web, mobile or tablet

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