Are you working hard to win new and used car sales, even though it costs five times more to gain new customers than retaining the ones you already have? And how much new business is your hard work bringing in?

We offer an automotive CRM system built on the market-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform. Utilising Microsoft’s massive investment into CRM’s, we can seamlessly integrate your automotive CRM into Microsoft Office and Mobile platforms.

How much do you understand about your existing fleet customers as well as your prospective ones? Understand the real value and prospective value and know where and when to direct your sales resource.

Our CRM module provides customer relationship management tools to help sales, marketing, service and social teams perform their jobs better. This comprehensive automobile CRM provides contact management tools, easy access to automobile forms, dealership tools and email marketing tools. Your marketing team will benefit from detailed reporting and analytics, and service teams will love the end-to-end service management tools that include an appointment portal, mobile applications and real-time notifications.

Use CRM to provide a single 360° view of your clients and prospect. See when a fleet contract is up for review, what agreements have been made for volume commitments and what registrations a client has committed to and ordered.

Present your users and management with key graphical indicators from sales targets and goals to client vehicle registration trend analysis.

Integrate with back office system easily to provide the complete aggregated view of information.

Serversys has an automotive solution that will allow you to focus on selling rather than the burden of administrative overheads.

Under the hood...

We rapidly build solutions with the Automotive Accelerator. With our experience in this industry for over a decade, we understand the complexity of automotives workflow processes and are we map the solution to your company.

By utilising Microsoft's Automotive Data Model, the automotive entities are connected through logical, consistent relationships.

During the planning stage, we will outline a sales cycle that is built around leads and we will demonstrate scenarios of processing, tracking and managing a customer's interest in purchasing your vehicle.

dynamics 365 automotive process
Easily view vehicle appointments

Predict your future customer.

We can produce a dealers view of a lead with predictive lead scoring. This powerful dashboard is available directly through Dynamics 365. Plus, you can keep everything in one place with full information and a timeline of events.

Predict your future customer with dynamics 365 automotive
Quickly track auto sales opportunities with dynamics 365 automotive

Years of experience with global brands...

toyota case study


We facilitated a smooth migration from their existing CRM, reducing support costs, enhanced responsiveness and integration with external systems. 

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honda case study


Honda (UK) required a highly adaptable CRM to support the activities of their fleet decision. We supported their migration and evolved their CRM to respond to changing business demands. 

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