Sell to customers faster than ever before with Creditsafe

Make efficient decisions

In the modern sales environment, decisions need to be made faster than ever before. Take away the strenuous task of filling in multiple forms and completing laborious processes to discover potential customers credit information.

As a bridge between Dynamics 365 and Creditsafe, you can source information surrounding customers ability to make credit payments, directly inside your CRM.

Find customer credit information in 3 clicks

Our integration is simple to use. With only three simple clicks, you can access credit information on a customer. Simple and pain-free.

Real-time company data

Trust in your database to provide accurate real-time company data. Update Dynamics 365 customer records on the fly.

Streamline activities across departments

Immediately Identify Risks

Improve Productivity

Reveal Customer Insight

Simple to use and pain-free 

Watch Creditsafe Dynamics 365 in action

Fuelled by PowerApps

By leveraging PowerApps, we can deliver a customisable solution that transforms how you engage with customers.

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