Top 5 Tips You Didnt Know For Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing has plenty of utility and tools available, enabling your organisation to target and communicate with target audiences. Powerful, automated facilities empower you to reach your objectives such as lead generation, building business relationships and brand awareness. We’ve put these tips together that you may not know about, so you can get the most out of your solution. 

1) Review your segmented lists

We recommend reviewing your audience list segments on a regular basis and considering whether your content is appropriate to their needs. 

Lists that are regularly reviewed, organised, clearly defined and match your audience interests will lead to higher click rates and higher engagement with your brand. With GDPR around the corner, now is a perfect time for a spring clean. Consider sending out an opt-in email campaign to your marketing lists, reminding them why they should stay subscribed.  

2) Align your goals across your campaigns

Planning and preparing your digital marketing campaign centrally with clearly defined goals on what you want to achieve is a big first step in reaching success. It enables you to have a well-aligned campaign across all the channels such as email or social. Of course, each campaign must be unique, and be tailored towards the channels format but keeping the message on point is critical for brand awareness.

So, before you utilise the power of LinkedIn Lead Gen or push out a quick email campaign, we suggest these marketing campaign tips:

  • Key phrase consistency 
  • Is the branding uniform?
  • Are the performance metrics comparable?
  • Check if they are all associated with a central campaign name in Dynamics 365

3) Identify performance metrics

It’s important that you know your goals before you begin a campaign, and understand which metrics are key to realising its success. These metrics could be conversion rate, impressions for brand awareness or event signups as common examples, but it’s important these are addressed in the marketing campaign planning stage.

Dynamics 365 possesses plenty of business intelligence technologies for marketers. We strongly suggest creating your own dashboard view for your marketing campaigns, so you can quickly view the live performance metrics that are important to determining campaign success. You can find this view under Marketing > Dashboards in your CRM.

Top Dynamics Marketing tip: Did you know you can also integrate Google Analytics and other applications with Power BI? This will enable you to view web traffic performance and draw comparisons with your other channels in a central place. 

4) Test, test and test!

You can continuously improve the performance of your campaign by utilising A/B Split tests with Dynamics Marketing. Delivering various versions of an email campaign to your segment audience can tell you a lot about the interests of your audience – what links do they click on? How does subject lines affect open rates?

Forming a hypothesis beforehand is important as it prevents testing for testing’s sake! Ideas such as, increasing font size of the CTA (Call-to-action) or having less copy would be a good place to start versus your normal campaigns.You can find more information on this on this helpful split test overview.

Fortunately, Dynamics 365 Marketing has split testing and multivariate tools already built in, allowing you to perform these processes in a central place! 

5) Setup marketing reports with the wizard

Setting up your own custom reports to analyse performance across all your campaigns, rather than just the one – is a very powerful feature in Dynamics 365.  But did you know you don’t need to be a data mining specialist to be able to tailor your reports to your specific needs by using the easy to use wizard?

No code required – simply select the fields that are relevant for you to process, select your filtering options using a user-friendly interface and you can continue to tweak your output after report publication!


We hope these marketing tips help you. Dynamics 365 Marketing has many tools to help organisations both big and small reach their audience and understand what their needs are. If you’re interested in a quick overview, please view the video below.

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