Microsoft Social Engagement discontinued

Microsoft has announced the discontinuation of their Social Engagement application. Effective January 16, 2019, Microsoft Social Engagement will no longer be included as part of any Microsoft Dynamics 365 license entitlement for new customers. Current customers with license entitlements to Microsoft Social Engagement will continue to be able to access the service and add any additional social post capacity as needed, until the earlier of these dates: the expiration of your subscription or January 16, 2020. Effective January 16, 2020, Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued for all Dynamics 365 customers.

Why is Microsoft Social Engagement being discontinued?

Dynamics 365 will focus on enabling businesses with AI-powered social and web insights rather than just with social listening capabilities. Hence, Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued. Combined capabilities and insights through social and web interactions powered by sources such as Bing search, will be offered through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Market Insights. The social and web insights can help marketing, social media and product teams understand what their customers and competitors are saying, seeking, and feeling.

You can find further details on actions you will need to take including Billing can be found on their blog.

Dynamics 365 Market Insights

Market Insights for Dynamics 365 is a new application utilising AI to gain insights into your brands, customers, and competitors. Stay on top of market trends as they unfold in social conversations and web searches and respond to customers faster.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights is currently a Preview as they fine tune the capabilities and features.

You can find out more information and even give it a try at Microsoft Dynamics 365 official website.

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