Introducing Microsoft Relationship Sales

When Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2017, it provided the enormous potential to bring it into the Microsoft family, and find ways to leverage existing platforms to help sellers research opportunities and create relationships. With an install base of 1.2 billion Office users and over 530 million LinkedIn members, its a unique position to improve the working environment of sales professionals.

Microsoft Relationship Sales was one of the biggest outcomes of the acquisition, which is a joint product that brings the power of LinkedIn Sales Professional inside the Dynamics 365 experience. The product enables sales professionals to increase their performance by:

  1. Building relationships with the right people.
  2. Offering insights and recommendations that build trust and credibility.
  3. Engaging at scale.

Addressing Sales Professionals Pain Points

Sellers today are not finding all the key players in a deal, are perceived as not adding value to the buyers, and struggle to stay productive while juggling multiple relationships. The primary pain points addressed by Relationship Sales include the utilisation of solution(s), enhanced features, improved insights, elevated data hygiene, and measurable results. This solution enables sales professionals to build relationships with the right people, offer insights and recommendations, and engage at scale via with their prospects and customers. An important element of this is providing the ability to improve their workflow efficiency and productivity and effectiveness. Currently sales professionals waste 14 hours per week on administrative activities such as updating a CRM. (Source: Sirius Decisions, 2018).

Find decision-makers

Inside Dynamics, you can leverage LinkedIn Sales on a leads profile to gain a wider perspective on their interests, engagement and characteristics, providing the vital information needed for your sales strategy and identifying key decision makers in an organisation.

Furthermore, Relationship Sales enables you to find mutual connections in Dynamics with colleagues so you can get introduced and create a more personal human interaction.

Take proactive actions

With the support of the built-in relationship assistant, you can make better decisions by surfacing the most relevant updates. The assistant keeps an eye on your daily actions and communications, and helps you stay on top of your day with insight cards that are displayed prominently throughout the application to provide tailored and actionable insights. The assistant pulls in data from Linkedin, together with other information across your Dynamics solution.

Actionable insights

Track relationships with a single score based on signals from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 that reveal relationship health and risks. Use this information to tailor your sales literature and overall strategy accordingly.

Manage opportunity risk

LinkedIn tracks profile changes such as company changes and organisational updates, enabling you to react quickly and mitigate changing circumstances and potentially saving a deal.

Increase visibility at ease

Directly create a contact in Dynamics 365 from the LinkedIn platform with a one-click process, saving time filling out forms. Dynamics can also perform contact matching rules to associate the Dynamics record with the correct LinkedIn profile for accuracy.


Microsoft Relationship Sales costs £108.34 per user, per month, with a 10-seat minimum. It combines Sales Enterprise and Linkedin Sales Navigator Enterprise.

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If you would like to learn more about Relationship Sales, please get in touch with us so we can understand your requirement and how best to implement it in your existing Dynamics 365 system.

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