Have you tried the Dynamics 365 Marketing Insights Preview

Dynamics 365 Market Insights is considered to be the replacement for the Social Engagement app which is to be completely discontinued in 2020. The preview is now available to try as a web application at https://mi.dynamics.com/firstrun

The app improves your ability to identify, anticipate, and act on market trends and events as they unfold with AI-driven insights.

Dynamics 365 Market Insights enables business professionals to gather actionable insights based on what consumers say, seek and feel about their brands and products. With these actionable insights, customers can stay on top of the emerging trends in their market and react quickly to them. Through AI-powered insights on social signals and Microsoft’s unique web and search data, Market Insights provides a comprehensive and accurate understanding of consumer sentiment, search trends, audience interests, and product feedback, keeping customers regularly updated with relevant news stories and search and social insights.

Industry insights:

  • What trends are emerging in their market that they should be paying close attention to?
  • Who and what are the top and emerging influencers (people and web destinations) used by these consumer groups for doing their research on their products?
  • What are the relevant news stories and social insights on their monitored topics?

Competition insights:

  • How is search and social interest trending on their products compared to competitors?
  • What is the sentiment on their products compared to competitors in the web and on social media?

Consumer insights:

  • What issues sought or spoken of on their consumer products online should they address?
  • What consumer groups and segments are most and least interested in their brand, product or topic of research, or that of their competitor?
  • What is the impact of their product marketing activities (for example, product promotions, pricing, and launches) on consumer interest online (search and social buzz, influencer blogs, and so on)?

Why not give Dynamics 365 Market Insights a try at https://mi.dynamics.com/firstrun? You can quickly set up an instance and compare two or more products and brands which will provide information on who's been searching for it and related keywords attached to your topics.

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