GDPR 1 year on. Are you compliant?

We're coming up to 1 year since GDPR legislation was launched on 28th May 2018. The GDPR aimed to protect the privacy and data for citizens across the European Union and provide control over how organisations communicate to them.

As a CRM partner, we handle a lot of customer data and understand the requirement to be compliant with the GDPR legislation. We have qualifications to ensure that organisations we partner with to deliver CRM services are protecting data for employee's, customers, partners and stakeholders.

Are you operating in a complex data processing environment? Or is your CRM not configured to be GDPR compliant? We can help you.

With years of expertise in this space and advising organisations on how to handle customer data, we can work with you and run a full assessment of your Dynamics 365 environment for compliance. We'll then create a plan of action such as data cleansing, send out opt-in e-mail campaigns and help you set up data handling policies for your organisation for the future.

You could benefit from:

  • A dedicated GDPR consultant to manage your case
  • A full assessment of all your current data processes
  • Analysis of 3rd party data handlers for compliance
  • Ongoing GDPR support and consultancy
  • Support your setup of a data handling policy

If you are unsure if you are fully compliant, don't leave it to chance. Failure to comply can lead to huge fines as well as damaging your business reputation.

Get in touch with us and we can provide a top to bottom CRM GDPR audit.

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