Dynamics 365 Customer Service Licensing Explained

Microsoft lets organisations choose an appropriate Customer Service licence that fits the needs of their business. We recognise this can be confusing, so we will try to break down what you can and can't use with a supported table list at the bottom of the page. 

Customer Service is available as either an Enterprise or Professional user license and with several optional add-ins to deliver the capabilities needed for your situation. Choose user licenses for one or the other; you can only buy both licenses if you deploy them in separate environments. Customer Service Enterprise may also be licensed by device.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional

Customer Service Professional provides basic resources for customer service agents. It also provides a self-service customer portal and access to a knowledge base for end customers. It’s meant for less complex scenarios that need streamlined capabilities to support customers and customer service teams. The pricing for Professional is £37.10 per user per month.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise

Customer Service Enterprise licenses expand on the functionality of Customer Service Professional. In particular, the enterprise license grants use rights that give users the ability to schedule and dispatch service, create teams, and manage resources through integration with other Dynamics 365 applications such as Field Service and Project Operations when the organisation also licenses them. When you license Customer Service Enterprise, you automatically become entitled to 2,000 Customer Voice responses/tenant/month, and you can buy additional response packs (in packs of 1,000 responses/tenant/month) as needed. 

The pricing for Customer Service Enterprise is £71.60 per user, per month.

Unified routing provides intelligent and automated routing and assignment capabilities to customer service organisations. This allows organisations to use advanced capabilities such as multi-stage classification rules and automated assignment based on agent availability, capacity, or specialisation. Routing records, excluding Chat and Digital Messaging conversation records, are subject to a licensed capacity. Customer Service Enterprise includes unified routing with 50 record routes per user per month. Customer Service Insights provides integrated analytics and AI capabilities to help you better understand support engagements and emerging trends. It helps to identify opportunities for enhancing your automated support system and track the performance of support options and agents. Topic clustering groups related cases or those with commonalities to help customers or service agents to discover the information they need in the knowledge base. These insights capabilities are included in Customer Service Enterprise license. Other service limits apply.

Enterprise Addons pricing

The pricing for the Customer Service Enterprise addons are as follows, per user, per month.

Use Rights  

Team Members

Customer Service







Dynamics 365 for Outlook and Dynamics 365 App for Outlook1

Dynamics 365 Mobile Client Application 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for iPad & Windows 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web application





All Dynamics 365 application data 

Custom table data

Tables: Create, Update, Delete







Calendar: share



Custom tables (see Appendix D of full licencing guide)

15 max3

15 max

Embedded Intelligence




Leads (create only)


Personal views


Product families/hierarchies

Product relationships


Saved views

Service (service scheduling)

Work hours

Tables: Actions




Activity feeds: post & follow activity feeds

Activity: convert to a case

Add or remove a connection (stakeholder, sales team) for an account or contact

Business units: define and configure 

Case management: reassign, add to queue, route, and resolve cases

Chat with support team (as chat client for self-service, requires third-party solution) 

Dialog: start dialog

Knowledge base: create, update, publish, configure 

Mail merge: perform mail merge

Marketing list: associate a marketing list with an account or contact

Open project position: apply for an open project position for Project Operations

Project tasks: update the project tasks status for Project Operations

Queue: use a queue item

Resource competencies: update own resource competencies for Project Operations

Resources (facilities, equipment, people): manage

Schedule and dispatch capabilities: use scheduling assistant, drag & drop assignment, update resource bookings

Schedule board: configure and view 

SLA: manage

Teams: define and configure

Work hours: manage 

Yammer: use Yammer collaboration (requires the appropriate license, acquired separately)

General System Use: Actions




Auditing: configure

Business processes: customize 

5 max

Create and update custom reports, charts and dashboards     

5 max

Customize and extend out of the box reports, charts and dashboards 

Dialogs: define and configure

Duplicate detection: configure rules

Dynamics 365 forms, tables, and fields: create

Email: create, update, and delete templates

Forms and views: customize (see Appendix D of full licencing guide)

2 max

Import data in bulk

Microsoft Excel: export data to Excel

Queue: define and configure (see Appendix D of full licencing guide)

15 max

Records: use relationships and connections between records

Search and advanced find: use

Tables: define connections and relationships between tables

Word: create, update, and delete templates

Workflows: define and configure

Additional Services and Software




Customer Service Hub


Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Dynamics 365 Mobile offline capabilities

Project Operations Team Members app2

Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 

1 Dynamics 365 App for Outlook can be customised, however usage must comply with use rights for users’ corresponding license and pre-approved application scenarios in Appendix C of Licencing Guide

2 Dynamics 365 Project Operations Lite – deal to proforma invoicing or Dynamics 365 Project Operations for resource/non-stocked scenarios deployment required for Project Operations Team Members app.

3 Team Members application module may be customised with maximum 15 additional tables (custom tables or standard Dataverse tables) available to the Team Members license per pre-approved application scenarios in Appendix C of Licencing Guide.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us, you can also download the full Dynamics 365 Licencing Guide for July 2022 edition to learn about other Dynamics application licences.

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