Dashboarding 101 Streamline Your Business Insights

Whether you are in Sales, Marketing or Customer Service, every second counts. Having the capability to retrieve the most important information quickly is key to success. Dynamics 365 delivers powerful dashboard facilities that can be heavily customised and shared with other users or exported into various formats such as PDF for reports.

Its stand-out feature is seamless integration with Power BI. This results in the capability to pull data from external applications. This will let your staff obtain a central view of all your systems.

Integrating with other services can provide easily accessible, valuable insights to help you make good business decisions. Providing your users with a single view in CRM of all the following services is hugely advantageous:

  • Mailchimp
  • Click Dimensions
  • Zendesk
  • Webtrends
  • Accelo
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Marketo
  • D365 Social Engagement
  • Google Analytics
  • Productioneer
  • PayPal Analytics

Customer service teams can view active cases, draft emails, analyse charts on the origin of cases (Facebook, email, SMS etc.) They can view performance across teams, departments and individuals so bottlenecks can be identified and optimisations made.

Lets see Dynamics 365 for Customer Service in action using Power BI:

Sales teams can chase leads, view product information, display a breakdown of revenue across team members, products, regions, source opportunities and more, all from a single view when you first login to CRM.

Additionally, you can set up multiple dashboard views should you need the extra room, and quickly flick between the relevant views through the menu.


Marketing teams can take full advantage as well. You can view campaign performance, web traffic information, email reports, review marketing lists, and view new lead opportunities.

Dynamics 365 dashboards tiles can be enlarged to full screen, should a user wish to explore more information related to an individual data set. They can also view all the records that are used to generate the chart.

Dashboards are powerful tools that enable organisations to gain valuable insights and quickly display relevant information to a users job role. The capability and freedom to edit visualisations, overall layouts, share and export data is important for a modern CRM.  Additionally, with the support of Power BI, ready made integrations with other services are available, so all your systems can be viewed in a central location.

When time is money, streamlining your method of retrieving business insights in order to make good decisions is critical. Charts and other data visualiations that are easy to absorb by users with non analytical skill sets.

Do you want to know more about Dynamics 365 dashboards? Do you need help customising your charts or selecting the right data? Lets get in touch as our specialists can help you find the right solution for your organisation.  

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