11 March 2020

As a direct response to the global Coronavirus Covid-19, Microsoft have released a template for Power Apps. This will enable organisations to manage communications in a time of crisis, and help faciliate remote working. Its a tribute to Microsoft that were able to respond to this and push out this template after just 48 hours. 

Key features include:

In addition,  Microsoft have said that Power Apps users will have temporary access to a premium feature, Power Apps Push Notifications, so you won’t need any premium licenses to use Power Apps to push information to users. Microsoft have reclassified Push Notifications as a standard connector for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. 

If you would like to implement this solution, you can find the instructions at Microsoft's documentation site. 

We think this is a brilliant initiative, and it is a prime demonstration of how Power Apps can be used to quickly be leveraged to develop applications that need to be pushed out to users for a very specific need. It also shows that Microsoft are leading in terms of leveraging its infrastructure to support the global community and producing a service for the public good.