What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for 2024

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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for 2024

The latest release wave plans for Dynamics 365 have been published, giving us a roadmap of features that will be available to deploy or preview in 2024.

In this post, we’ve shared our highlights of the recent updates for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, including the 2024 Release Wave 1 announcements.

Configure custom fields for Copilot summaries

Copilot for Service automatically generates case summaries and draft email responses using the default case fields. This feature will allow organisations that use custom fields and notes to configure Copilot so can create more helpful responses.

Now generally available.

Get relevant results with filters for Copilot

New filtering for Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps agents get the most relevant results using trusted resources. These filters direct Copilot to look at specific knowledge about specific business areas or customer information to increase the relevance of responses and save agents time.

Public preview from April.

Copilot filters for D365 Customer Service

Receive automatic Copilot prompt ideas

This feature will add suggested contextual prompts to Copilot responses, which agents can use for follow-up questions. This is designed to help agents save time by quickly asking questions to collect more information that will reduce case handling time.

Public preview from April.

Validate Copilot responses

This additional Copilot update will provide better citations of its sources. With this transparency, agents can quickly understand how responses were generated to verify the accuracy before posting a follow-up question or responding to a customer.

Public preview from April.

Copilot response citations

Enhanced email attachment experience

An updated email experience in the Customer Service Workspace functions closer to Outlook. This features recent improvements to the email attachment experience, including:

  • Quickly drag and drop attachments into emails.
  • Copy attachments between emails.
  • Easily view the size of attachments.
  • Perform bulk download and deletion of attachments.

Now generally available.

Use skills to find agents for consultation and transfer

When agents want to see and confer with colleagues, this update will make connecting with people with the right expertise easier.

Users can select the appropriate skills and required product knowledge to match suitable agents. This includes a new modern user interface for skill-based consultation and transfers.

Early access from February, and general availability from April.

Enhanced outbound dialing experience

An updated dialling experience streamlines the process for agents calling customers. This includes enhancements for search capabilities, country detection, editing numbers and viewing recent calls.

Further announcements include opening a conversation or a customer record from the call history.

Some enhancements are now generally available. Additional updates generally available from April.

Improved call dialler in the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Workspace

Test equipment before and during calls

This update will enable agents to test whether their microphone and speaker are working before or during calls. With these quick checks, agents can avoid potential tech issues which may impact customer interactions. A further enhancement allows agents to rate the call quality and provide feedback.

Early access from February, and general availability from April.

Enhancements in call transfers to external numbers

Transferring calls to external phone numbers will now be a one-step operation that can immediately stop recording and transcription services.

Generally available from April.

Use overflow for long wait times for work items

This improvement will allow admins to set wait time limits for work items so these can be allocated to another queue. If agents are not able to respond within these wait limits, items will be marked as overflow and routed to agents with available capacity.

Public preview from February. Generally available from April. 

In queue overflow handling

Create multiple cases from emails sent to multiple boxes

When organisations receive customer issues in different queue-enabled mailboxes, this feature can create a case for each mailbox referenced to ensure prompt attention.

General availability from April.

Converting voicemail to cases

This new feature will allow agents to convert inbox messages into cases for faster turnaround of issues reported by voicemail. With closer integration between the voice channel and case management, users can convert voicemail to a case with a click.

General availability from May.

Contact centre health check improvements

The recently released contact centre health check enables admins to check and identify issues with their configuration and deployment. The next release wave will provide broader checks, including SLAs, channels and auto-record creation to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.

General availability from May.

Mask sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access

Additional configuration capabilities that enable admins to determine rules for handling sensitive data and define masking rules are being rolled out.

This includes rules for third-party interactive voice recognition sessions, data storage and agent sessions. Audit trails will track changes to sensitive data, and masking rules can be applied to transcripts and recordings.

Public preview from April.

Records enabled for unified routing shown in the inbox

The customer workspace inbox can now include records enabled for unified routing. Administrators can configure inbox views for routing-enabled records such as appointments, tasks and leads. As a result, agents can access these in a single view alongside cases, emails, chats and other items. Now generally available.

Learn more about what’s new for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

These are a selection of the new features and improvements recently released or announced for D365 Customer Service. Explore the Microsoft release planner to find out more and browse the full list of Customer Service features planned for the 2024 Release Wave 1.

Please note that the information and timelines mentioned in this article about pre-release features are subject to change.

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February 22, 2024

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