What are Dynamics 365 Portals?

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What are Dynamics 365 Portals?

There isn’t a dedicated Dynamics-branded portal product, but Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft-powered websites, paving the way for increased engagement and streamlined processes.

Over time, Dynamics 365 web portals have been known by different names, like Power Apps Portals and ADX Portals. Today, Power Pages offers a refreshingly simple way to build data-driven websites. The low-code environment of Power Pages translates to quick, hassle-free launch of high-performance sites.

Integrating Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Pages not only simplifies business operations but can also broaden your reach. Depending on your type of business, portals can effectively engage customers, partners, community participants, and various other user groups.

Today’s integrated portals provide a secure and flexible platform, allowing people to access, share, and manage information proficiently, creating a bridge between efficient processes via intuitive interfaces.

Understanding how Portals work with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 integrated portals are efficient enablers to handle various workflows, making them more than just interfaces that display information.

For example, thanks to the link between Dynamics and Power Pages, customers can easily update their contact information. Any changes are securely saved back to Microsoft Dataverse and instantaneously accessible in Dynamics.

But portal capabilities aren’t limited to contact management. ServerSys extends portal functionalities to encompass comprehensive workflows. From making support requests and booking appointments to completing applications and overseeing memberships, users can manage these actions efficiently within a CRM-integrated portal.

To ensure appropriate data access and operations, we collaborate closely with clients to ensure that each portal user has the proper permissions. 

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Custom Portals for Dynamics 365

When needs lean towards the complex, custom portals offer increased flexibility and control.

At ServerSys, we excel in developing bespoke portals with Microsoft Azure for such requirements. With its expanded flexibility and control, Azure caters to custom, complex, or large-scale web applications.

Azure’s vast range of advanced capabilities sets it apart. This includes:

  • Scalability: Respond effectively to high traffic, scaling up or down to ensure site performance doesn’t waver during peak times.
  • Integration: Azure Logic Apps and Azure API Management offer robust integration services, connecting seamlessly with various applications.
  • Advanced Analytics and AI: Solutions like Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services help meet complex data processing and predictive analytics requirements.
  • IoT and Real-Time Processing: Azure IoT Hub and Azure Stream Analytics come into play when web apps interact with devices or need to process real-time data.
  • Multi-Region Availability: Azure simplifies deploying and managing web applications in any of its global data centres for sites that must be available in multiple regions.

It’s important to note that while custom portals bring robust capabilities and control, they demand more time and investment to develop than a low-code Power Pages solution. Understanding your immediate and future needs is fundamental to our portal consultancy process. We apply this knowledge to design and implement using the most suitable technology for you.

GenAI Capabilities for Integrated Microsoft Web Portals

With Copilot Studio, GenAI capabilities for Dynamics-integrated web portals offer a new way to help people efficiently.

By enabling the swift implementation of a conversational chatbot with your portal, Copilot helps to enhance the experience of your site’s visitors. AI uses natural language to interact with people and answer their questions conversationally. This represents a significant leap from traditional knowledge search methods, typically requiring users to review PDFs and web pages to find answers. 

Copilot’s capabilities aren’t confined to web user chat. Within Power Pages, Copilot also enables designing websites, pages, and multi-step forms using natural language prompts.

ServerSys Portals in Action

Cycling UKFaced with updating a 20-year-old CRM, Cycling UK partnered with ServerSys. Our solution? A modern, secure Dynamics CRM integrated portal that streamlined its membership management and improved user engagement with personalised content.

healthcare rmWe helped healthcare rm increase its coverage by developing a digital health portal, enabling it to reach more people. This simplified real-time health data access to reduce wait times to support its move into new markets.

Explore More Success Stories:

  • Police Now: an innovative portal solution to streamline complex training programs.
  • Junior Offshore Group: a custom website to support JOG’s events and membership community.
  • ODPA: an integrated portal solution for a regulatory organisation to efficiently handle registration and process thousands of transactions concurrently.

Partner with ServerSys for Portal Success

Unique business challenges require tailored solutions. An intuitive portal can be a transformative solution to progress your digital transformation.

At ServerSys, we’re privileged to have seen first-hand how integrated portals have benefited organisations, connecting them with customers and other stakeholders. If you’d like to explore the potential of a modern portal integrated with Dynamics 365, contact us today. Reach out to our team and discover how a portal can elevate your operations and engagement.

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March 22, 2024

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