Reduce Your Dynamics 365 Storage Costs with Azure Blob Storage

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Reduce Your Dynamics 365 Storage Costs with Azure Blob Storage

Are rising storage costs for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data becoming a concern?

Allow us to offer a practical and affordable solution that uses Azure Blob storage for efficient archiving, ensuring secure and easy access to legacy data.

This not only saves storage space in your Dynamics 365 environment but also reduces the cost per GB.

Managing CRM Data Storage

Dynamics 365 has become the go-to solution for many organisations to enrich customer experiences and enhance operational efficiency. But, with expanding data volumes comes the challenge of mounting storage costs.

Take, for instance, receiving emails with large attachments. These can significantly strain storage capacity, leaving organisations to choose between deleting data or shelling out an additional cost for increased Dataverse capacity.

Efficiently Archiving Emails and Attachments

Using Microsoft Power Automate, our solution activates custom rules, automatically identifying and moving matching data into Azure Blob storage.

For example, this could apply a rule that will archive notes, emails and attachments over two years old.

In alignment with a data retention policy, this process will move legacy data into secure archived storage, all while keeping it accessible within the Dynamics user interface.

Benefits of Using Azure Blob Storage

Compared to using default Dataverse storage for legacy data, there are several benefits to using Azure Blob storage, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Azure Blob storage is a more affordable solution for archiving data, providing equivalent functionality at a fraction of Dataverse data storage.
  • Seamless accessibility: Your archived data remains accessible via the familiar Dynamics 365 interface without interrupting workflows. The real-time data pull from the stored blob into Dynamics ensures that your data feels and behaves as if held in Dataverse.

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Key Points

  • Custom rules: Define precise rules to activate an automated data migration, customising the process to match your organisation’s specific requirements and data retention policy.
  • Power Automate integration: Power Automate is natively used to streamline and automate the entire archiving process.
  • Security: Azure Blob storage provides robust encryption and security features to ensure your data is always secure.
  • Compliance: Our solution will help you maintain compliance with data retention policies by archiving, not deleting, older email data, attachments and notes.

What is Azure Blob Storage?

Azure Blob Storage is integral to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to manage unstructured data.

Using the concept of “blobs” (Binary Large Objects) enables organisations to store large volumes of unstructured data efficiently. This can include documents, images, audio files, and videos.

Its design emphasises high scalability, robust security, and cost-effectiveness, aiming to optimise data management.

Blob Storage is a compelling option, enabling organisations to navigate evolving storage needs by ensuring secure and accessible data.

Discover Azure Blob Storage

Our flexible solution, which combines the strengths of Azure Blob storage and Microsoft Power Automate, can help you overcome rising Dynamics storage costs.

This can afford you significant savings and the peace of mind that your data remains easily accessible.

Boost your storage capacity and reduce costs at the same time. Contact us today to explore how this solution could work for your organisation.

January 18, 2024

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