Introducing Copilot for Dynamics 365

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Introducing Copilot for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot integrates AI capabilities directly within applications to assist employees and optimise workflows.

Early data from Microsoft’s Word Trend Index research reveals that 70% of early Copilot users said they were more productive. 68% said Copilot improved the quality of their work, and 68% also said it helped jumpstart the creative process. 

Powered by organisational data and contexts, Copilot proactively meets needs – from providing sellers with smart prepared notes to helping service agents respond faster.

Copilot combines AI with human expertise to drive efficiency, personalisation, and satisfaction. As the first generative AI natively built for enterprise apps, Copilot offers seamless integration to tap new potential across marketing, sales and service.

The reach of Copilot extends far beyond Dynamics CRM applications.

Microsoft has integrated Copilot features into various Business Applications, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Teams.

This means you can tap into its AI capabilities across multiple platforms to increase productivity.

Think of Copilot as your organisation’s very own secure version of ChatGPT.

It taps into your internal knowledge resources, customer emails, CRM data, and trusted websites to provide personalised and contextually relevant responses.

Built upon Microsoft’s robust security, compliance, privacy, and responsible AI framework, Copilot ensures the safety of your data and maintains transparency in sourcing information.

Elevating Collaboration and Efficiency

Gone are the days of typing all responses to emails from scratch or laboriously taking meeting notes.

Copilot lightens your workload by enhancing collaboration and automating tasks, granting you more time to focus on what truly matters.

This includes automated summarisation features that help everyone understand key points, actions and context across opportunities, cases, emails, upcoming meetings and more.

Let’s explore the features of Copilot across Dynamics 365 applications.

Copilot for Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales, coupled with Copilot, helps sellers stay within their work flow by surfacing CRM data and accessing Dynamics functionality across Outlook and  Teams. This reduces the need for manual data entry and minimises application-switching, enabling sellers to spend more time with customers.

Based on its research, Microsoft reported that early adopters using Sales Copilot saved 90 minutes per week.

Sales Copilot simplifies email content creation by automatically producing the first draft in response to messages using contextual information from your communications history and your data. This reduces effort, allowing sellers to finalise intelligent responses in seconds. Whether replying to enquiries or providing proposals, Copilot’s intelligent automation has sellers covered. 

Copilot also makes it easier for sellers to keep CRM updated. This includes quickly adding new contacts from Outlook emails and updating related Dynamics records directly within the Outlook interface.

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Copilot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams meetings, providing real-time access to CRM data.

Sellers can reference meeting preparation summaries, use a bot to check information from Dynamics, and even retrieve information from sales materials, all within the Teams interface.

Copilot’s ability to summarise meetings with action points further increases seller productivity.

Copilot for Marketing

Creating engaging email content can be a daunting task, Copilot in Dynamics 365 Real-Time Marketing comes to the rescue by generating suggestions based on key messaging points.

This feature proves invaluable when time-pressured marketers face creative blocks.

With AI-generated outlines, marketers can quickly create rough drafts and use these as a foundation for further refinement. Copilot ensures consistency with previous marketing messages, adhering to brand style, tone, and structure.

Copilot also simplifies the creation of real-time marketing segments by using natural language queries.

This allows marketers to swiftly build criteria without navigating complex data structures. By typing queries like “contacts with email addresses that allow bulk emails based in London,” Copilot suggests data structures that can be fine-tuned to include additional details.

Copilot for Customer Service

Microsoft report that service agent with Copilot saw a 12% reduction in time spent resolving a case.

By accessing Copilot within the Dynamics Customer Service workspace, agents can retrieve helpful resources to quickly resolve complex customer issues.

Imagine conversing with an internal chatbot that understands your queries in natural language and references your trusted knowledge resources. Copilot in Customer Service operates just like that.

Whether you need troubleshooting steps for a specific issue or seek guidance on resolving customer problems, Copilot has the answers. Agents can verify and modify responses before sending them to customers, enhancing the overall efficiency of customer service operations.

Additionally, Copilot’s integration with Outlook simplifies the process of drafting email responses. By selecting response types such as scheduling calls or requesting more information, Copilot auto-generates draft replies that can be quickly reviewed, revised and sent.

Further capabilities include automatically generated case summaries that help everyone understand the context to determine the next best actions.

Next steps…

With its AI-powered assistance and natural language processing, Copilot transforms work, enabling everyone to increase personal productivity.

From streamlining sales activities to enhancing customer service and optimising marketing campaigns, Copilot increases the capabilities of an entire organisation.

Microsoft has published a series of resources that help organisations learn about Copilot across Dynamics and wider Microsoft 365 apps.

ServerSys is here to support you on your Copilot journey. Our consultants will answer your questions and help you increase the impact of these exciting new capabilities. Contact us to start the conversation.

October 7, 2023

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