How to Licence Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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How to Licence Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Are you paying too much for your Dynamics 365 Customer Service licenses? Unlock the full potential without overpaying.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers Enterprise and Professional options for licensing. It’s critical to understand these options whether you’re considering a Dynamics implementation or reviewing your current licenses. This article provides an in-depth comparison to help you.

ServerSys is here to answer your licensing questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information or need assistance checking the best licences for your organisation.

What are the main differences between Customer Service Enterprise and Professional?

Both Professional and Enterprise licences include case management and knowledgebase capabilities.

The Customer Service Professional license provides essential service features for service teams. However, the following functionality areas and entitlements of D365 Customer Service Enterprise aren’t available for the Pro licence or are restricted.

Comparing D365 Customer Service Enterprise & Pro Features 

  • Custom Tables/Entities – custom tables are used to manage data across processes and relationships unique to each organisation. With Enterprise licenses, your users can create, read, update, and delete unlimited custom entities. In contrast, Pro licenses restrict you to creating and modifying only up to 15 custom tables. No limits are applied to read permissions.
  • Standard Tables and Processes – you can’t access several Enterprise features with Professional licenses. These include product families, production relationships, service scheduling, schedule board, work hours, business units and mobile offline working.
  • Copilot in Customer Service – embedded intelligence capabilities, including Copilot features in D365 Customer Service, are exclusively available to Enterprise users.
  • Queues – up to 15 queues can be defined and configured using D365 Customer Service Pro. The Enterprise licence doesn’t cap this capability.
  • Forms and Views – with Professional licences, you can only customise up to 2 forms/views.
  • Business ProcessesD365 Customer Service Pro allows you to customise up to 5 processes.
  • Custom Reports, Charts and DashboardsPro licence users are also restricted to a maximum of 5 custom reports, charts, and dashboards..
  • Customer Voice surveys – up to 2000 responses per tenant/month with Enterprise. Customer Service Pro doesn’t include this entitlement (capacity must be purchased separately).
  • Record routing – with Enterprise, you can route up to 50 records per user/month. Professional doesn’t include this capability.

Other Customer Service functionality areas are identical between the two licences. These functionalities also include managing service level agreements, accounts, contacts, creating leads, activities, and the Dynamics app for Outlook.

If your organisation doesn’t need advanced capabilities for complex workflows and support scenarios, the Professional license may suit you better than Enterprise.

How does Dataverse storage compare between D365 Customer Service Enterprise and Pro?

Enterprise and Professional licenses start with the same data storage for Dataverse Database, File and Log capacities.

However, each Enterprise user license gives you an extra 250 MB of database capacity and 2 GB of file storage at no added cost.

How much are Dynamics 365 Customer Service licences?

The standard UK (GBP) commercial rates are:

  • Customer Service Professional: £41.10 per user/month.
  • Customer Service Enterprise: £78.10 per user/month.

What Customer Service add-ins are available?

The following add-in modules are exclusively available for Enterprise customers:

Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables real-time live chat engagement between agents and customers. It is licensed per user. (@ £49.30 per user/month)

Digital Messaging for omnichannel engagement across live chat and third-party SMS. (@ £61.10 per user/month)

Voice channels bring first-party telephony for Customer Service. This includes Intelligent Voicebot and Call Intelligence capabilities. (@ £61.10 per user/month)

An all-in-one digital messaging and voice add-in is also available at £74 per user/month.

Which Dynamics 365 Customer Service agent apps are used?

Customer Service Professional users manage cases and other service processes in the Customer Service Hub. Accessible on desktop and mobile devices, the Customer Service Hub is designed to help agents simplify case management.

In addition to the Customer Service Hub, Enterprise customers can also use the Customer Service Workspace. This enables agents to work across multiple sessions simultaneously within a single app. The Digital Messaging add-in allows agents to engage customers in the Workspace via live chat, voice, and SMS.

Keep reading for details about the Customer Service Team Member app.

What Copilot features are available for Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Copilot in D365 Customer Service is only available with the Enterprise licence. This includes Copilot’s capabilities to summarise cases, ask questions, and draft emails. Copilot analytics features are also included.

Further Copilot features are available when Customer Service Enterprise add-ins are deployed. These include chat drafts and conversation summaries.

How are users licenced for multiple Dynamics 365 apps?

The Enterprise and Pro licences include full read permissions to all Dynamics 365 data. For employees who need full access to two or more applications, Dynamics licensing allows administrators to set a base licence and attach role-based apps.

This is a cost-effective solution where usage requirements go beyond a single app by attaching licences at a reduced price. Admins can purchase a base user license at standard pricing and then review which ‘attach’ licences are available for this base.

For example, Customer Service Enterprise could be a base licence, which may be attached to Sales Enterprise or Sales Pro. A base Customer Service Pro licence cannot be attached to another licence, but a Sales Enterprise or Sales Pro base licence could be attached to Customer Service Pro.

Can Customer Service Enterprise and Professional licences be mixed?

In accordance with Microsoft’s licensing terms, all users must be on the same Customer Service licence type. Each user can be assigned Enterprise or Professional in the same environment, as these can’t be used on a mix-and-match basis.

Can users upgrade from D365 Customer Service Professional to Enterprise?

Microsoft’s licensing terms require all users to be on the same licence type, so you can’t mix Enterprise and Professional within the same environment. However, user licences can be upgraded from Pro to Enterprise, enabling everyone to access the entire range of functionality.

What Customer Service functions can the Dynamics 365 Team Member licence access?

Team Member licences are designed for people who complete basic tasks in Dynamics but don’t need a full role-based licence.

The Team Member licence includes access to the dedicated Customer Service Team Member app. Note that the Team Member app doesn’t provide access to the Customer Service Hub used by Enterprise or Pro customers.

In the Team Member app, users can read any Dynamics data, subject to a maximum of 15 custom tables. Create, update and delete table permissions using the Team Member app include activities, contacts, personal views, notes and email templates. Other entitlements include the Dynamics app for Outlook, using dashboards, recording time and using queue items.

The Customer Service Team Member app can be deployed to provide employee self-service capabilities. Users can access knowledge resources and report issues to an internal support team by creating cases.

However, the Team Member licence or app doesn’t include capabilities to create and manage customer cases, author knowledge posts, manage SLAs or import data.

Maximise Your Dynamics Investment with Expert Licensing Guidance

The complexities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service licensing can be daunting, but it’s crucial to get it right to avoid overpaying and ensure you’re unlocking all its potential.

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Licensing guide

Download the Microsoft guide for detailed Dynamics 365 licensing information.

March 5, 2024

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