How Microsoft Copilot Studio Transforms Knowledge Search in Web Portals

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How Microsoft Copilot Studio Transforms Knowledge Search in Web Portals

Does this sound familiar? A customer visits a web portal looking for information, but gets lost in a maze of pages and documentation.

With increased expectations for information accessibility and search efficiency, it’s no wonder that traditional search methods can lead to frustration.

Enter Microsoft Copilot Studio, an innovative solution that can integrate AI-powered search into Power Pages sites and other web portals. This simplifies queries by allowing people to use natural language and receive accurate, contextual responses.

In this article, we’ll focus on how Copilot improves web portal experiences by delivering concise responses and reducing the need for users to piece together information.

How it Works

Your portal Copilot provides answers to any questions that are cross-referenced with your predefined knowledge resources.

Copilot Studio is a low code solution integrating with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Studio, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Bot Service, and other Microsoft conversational AI technologies.

It has evolved from Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents product and avoids the need for intricate configuration often associated with chat bots.

With Microsoft Copilot Studio, tapping into your knowledge base is made effortless. It simply needs to be pointed towards your trusted resources. These could be anything, from a SharePoint site to documented PDFs or a website.

That’s all it takes: no laborious training or complex configuration required. Once connected, Copilot indexes the available data intelligently, ready to comprehend and respond to user queries conversationally.

Portal Copilot Example

At ServerSys, one of our specialisations is developing integrated web portals that support offshore sailing events. These races are governed by the official racing rules of sailing, which competitors frequently need to check.

However, these rules are lengthy, with more than 150 pages of intricate definitions and appendices. We’ve simplified this experience by embedding Copilot into an event portal that is trained to respond to queries about these rules.

For example, competitors can easily query an incident that occurs during a race to assess how the race officials might assess this.

In the scenario below, a yacht skipper seeks clarification from the rules following an overtake manoeuvre.

Copilot bot embedded within a portal showing a response that is grounded in the Racing Rules of Sailing to answer a natural language query.

Copilot enables a query to be made intuitively using natural language. It then responds with contextual results from the official rules, so individuals can avoid the burden of navigating the document.

In another scenario, Copilot interprets how the official rules may cover a situation where wildlife is a risk to competitors.

Copilot chat bot in an event portal showing response to a competitor question.

Copilot Says No!

Copilot Studio operates within the boundaries of the resources it has been trained on.

So, if a user asks a question outside its scope, it doesn’t give a guesswork response or hallucinate – it knows when to say ‘no’.

Returning to the earlier example, if we attempt to ask Copilot for travel advice, it refuses because it’s only trained on the racing rules of sailing.

Copilot bot refusing to answer a question

Doing so ensures the integrity of the information relayed and shields users from incorrect or unrelated answers.

With Copilot Studio, you get a tool built on responsible AI principles which respect the boundaries of its training, placing a premium on accurate and trustworthy information.

Additional Microsoft Copilot Studio Portal Examples

There are numerous examples where Copilot Studio can be used to create a portal Copilot that will answer questions on specific topics.

For instance, imagine a customer portal Copilot trained using your knowledge articles authored in Dynamics 365, helping clients quickly find solutions. Or a partner portal Copilot that simplifies the complexities of licensing and agreements.

Within an employee portal, a Copilot could provide contextual responses to queries about organisational policies, benefits, and other internal information.

In each case, Copilot transforms how organisations interact with stakeholders to reduce response times and consistently provide meaningful responses, cementing confidence in your portal.

Enhanced Adaptability and Analytical Insights

Diving deeper into Copilot Studio, it offers the option of creating Copilots from a natural language query or using a graphical interface, requiring minimal technical expertise.

Furthermore, Copilot Studio comes with built-in analytics to measure the effectiveness of your interactions. You’ll have access to vital metrics that help you fine-tune your AI and optimise user experiences. These insights can reveal potential improvements and help you track stakeholder engagement.

But that’s not all. Copilot Studio’s flexibility allows integration to distribute your Copilot across multiple channels. It will provide consistent support in various digital environments like websites, mobile apps, and intranets. Copilot’s adaptability ensures a cohesive experience for your users, no matter the platform they choose to use.

Next Steps

Ready to elevate your portal experience and stakeholder engagement?

Let’s discuss your requirements and explore how Microsoft Copilot Studio minimises user effort to transform portal experiences.

In this post, we’ve focused on external portal users, but Copilot Studio can just as easily be deployed to support internal teams. For instance, it can help support agents find solutions to resolve customer issues more quickly than a conventional knowledge search.

As a leading Microsoft partner specialising in web portals, ServerSys is excited by how Copilot improves search experiences in Power Pages and other Microsoft portals. Please get in touch with us to arrange an initial consultation.

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January 23, 2024

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