How Microsoft Copilot for Service Transforms Customer Support

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How Microsoft Copilot for Service Transforms Customer Support

In the quest for enhanced productivity and superior customer experiences, Microsoft Copilot for Service has emerged as a transformative solution powered by generative AI.

Copilot is powered by your data in Dynamics 365 CRM and other trusted sources, enabling service teams to navigate tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Let’s explore how this innovative technology enhances the agent experience to reshape traditional customer support.

Boosting Productivity with Copilot for Service

Nucleus Research predicts that service agents will benefit most from GenAI, as purpose-built solutions such as Copilot are expected to improve productivity by 10-35%.

This is borne out by Microsoft’s research in 2023, where early Copilot adopters reported a 12% reduction in time spent resolving a case. When people had access to Copilot, they independently resolved 10% of cases that generally require peer collaboration.

How Copilot Benefits Service Teams

Embedded Copilot chat in Dynamics 365

Copilot taps into your CRM and other data to provide real-time answers to customer questions. By minimising the need to search through multiple systems; support teams can receive accurate information instantly alongside case records.

Copilot chat sidebar in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Case Summaries

Copilot summarises case details within Dynamics 365, helping individuals assess the situation and prioritise to resolve issues efficiently. This includes referencing related emails, notes and conversations in a summary.

This context helps agents to quickly focus on solving problems rather than digging through timeline entries and records.

Copilot generated case summary in Dynamics 365

Automated Email Summaries & Drafts

Copilot also summarises inbound support emails to highlight the main action points and suggest follow-up actions.

With integration into Dynamics 365, Copilot streamlines customer communication by drafting email responses directly within the CRM interface. This experience enables agents to efficiently address customer queries without the interruption of navigating between multiple applications.

Copilot draft email in Dynamics 365

Knowledge Source Integration

With Copilot connected with Dynamics 365, you can quickly find answers using your knowledge articles, trusted sites, and internal data sources from within the CRM interface.

By making it easier to find and share relevant information using a Copilot bot powered by your data, queries can be efficiently resolved to improve service speed and quality.

Conversation Summaries

Copilot enhances live chat support by offering agents dynamic summaries of ongoing conversations. This feature ensures that agents have the essential context at their fingertips, enabling them to provide informed and timely support. At the end of each chat session, Copilot also provides a summary that can be used for future reference.

Copilot for Service conversation summary

Copilot for Service Integration with Dynamics 365

Copilot improves the efficiency of a support team by integrating natively into Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

Streamlining access to customer and organisational data allows agents to deliver targeted, personalised service. Imagine instantly receiving the customer’s entire service history and insights directly from Teams and SharePoint for a unified, informed response every time.

Copilot combines the best of Dynamics 365’s customer insights with Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools. The result? A richer, more personalised service where your agent knows the customer’s history and understands their current needs through real-time data, leading to quicker and more accurate resolutions.

Licensing Copilot for Service

The features described above are available to Customer Service Enterprise users within the Dynamics 365 interface.

Additional premium features are available with the Copilot for Service licence, which includes Copilot for Microsoft 365. These include:

Using Copilot within Outlook to automatically draft emails and access case summaries. You can also browse and update CRM records within the Outlook interface.

Copilot in Teams to browse and update CRM records during a meeting. Copilot will also recap meetings, suggest follow-up action items and create tasks – all of which will be saved directly in Dynamics.

How Copilot Safeguards your Data

Copilot ensures data integrity and security by operating within the confines of your systems. It respects existing governance, compliance, and privacy protocols across CRM and Microsoft 365 infrastructures. With robust user permissions and admin controls via familiar Dynamics 365 and M365 management tools, Copilot ensures a secure experience.

Agents receive immediate, actionable insights localised to your secure environment without the large language model storing or training on your data.

Copilot is built on Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI usage. Its design supports agents rather than replacing them, ensuring that human oversight is central to its function. By staying within organisational boundaries and using advanced encryption, Copilot empowers businesses without compromising on data security

Implementing Copilot for Service

Out of the box, Copilot integrates seamlessly into the Dynamics Customer Service Workspace and can be easily configured in the Customer Service Hub. 

ServerSys will help you streamline your adoption of Copilot, ensuring it connects with your data sources and trusted sites.

As your partner in business transformation, we offer ongoing support and expert consultancy to refine your use of Dynamics with Copilot, optimising your service strategy for efficiency and effectiveness. To learn more, please get in touch with us today.

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March 13, 2024

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