How is Microsoft Copilot for Sales Licensed?

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How is Microsoft Copilot for Sales Licensed?

Sellers face multiple challenges, from time constraints in juggling customer interactions to efficiently managing their sales pipeline.

As Copilot gains traction amongst sales teams to address these challenges, Microsoft has announced additional capabilities to enhance productivity. It has also introduced a new licensed product, Copilot for Sales.

What is Copilot for Sales?

What was Sales Copilot is now Copilot for Sales, bringing together Copilot for Microsoft 365 with seller workflows. This is achieved using data that includes Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft 365 apps, and external websites.

By harnessing the power of Dynamics 365 Sales data, advanced language models, Microsoft 365 apps, and external websites, Copilot for Sales empowers sellers with a user-friendly experience that enhances collaboration across Teams, Outlook, and other familiar applications.

Built with advanced AI and engagement data from Microsoft 365, Copilot for Sales equips sales teams with actionable intelligence. This helps sellers astutely engage customers, improving response time and accelerating deal closure.

Let’s explore the licensing aspects of Copilot for Sales.

Copilot for Sales and Dynamics 365 Sales

A dedicated Copilot for Sales licence is now available, which includes a Copilot for Microsoft 365 subscription. The latest innovations include Copilot integrations across Microsoft Word, Teams and Outlook.

Dynamics 365 Sales licences do not include the new Copilot for Sales. A separate purchase alongside a Microsoft 365 subscription is required.

Standard Copilot Features

However, Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Premium licences already include Copilot experiences in the Dynamics Sales Hub, Outlook and Teams, which remain available.

This functionality previously called Viva Sales and, more recently, Sales Copilot is now termed as the ‘standard’ set of Copilot capabilities for Dynamics 365 Sales.

Microsoft says, D365 Sales Enterprise and Premium customers will continue to have access to these standard Copilot capabilities. These include:

  • Outlook email summaries and generative replies
  • Lead and opportunity summaries
  • Saving Outlook emails to Dynamics 365
  • Natural language queries
  • Conversation Intelligence in Teams

Microsoft is continuing to advance Copilot’s capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales without the need for a separate Copilot for Sales licence. For example, the 2024 Release Wave 1 plans include integrated Copilot chat for the Sales Hub home page and Copilot chats, which can surface details from sales documents in SharePoint.

Premium Copilot Features

Access to ‘premium’ Copilot features and future developments across Microsoft 365 apps requires a dedicated Copilot for Sales licence. These premium capabilities include:

  • In Outlook: recommended CRM updates, knowledge base chat, buying intent and sales-enabled pipeline chat
  • In Teams: schedule follow-up meeting tasks, opportunity summary within Teams chat, share Copilot summaries in group chats and recommended CRM updates
  • In PowerPoint: sales pitch decks
  • In Word: meeting preparation briefs (shown below)
  • Copilot Studio
Copilot for Sales generated meeting preparation in Word using Dynamics 365 Sales CRM data

The Sales Copilot Teams app and add-in for Outlook are also upgraded to a single enhanced Teams app. This enables searches for Dynamics 365 CRM records using the ‘/’ lookup and embedding these as adaptive cards within an Outlook email.

By bringing Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Sales together, the improved Teams app will support natural language queries that surface Dynamics 365 Sales data. For example, this would enable chats such as ‘Show me opportunities forecast to close this quarter above £x’.

How much is Copilot for Sales?

To equip sellers with the full set of Copilot capabilities across Microsoft 365 apps, including Outlook, Word and Teams, the new Copilot for Sales licence is required.

This is priced at £41.10 ($50) per user/month, combining Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Copilot for Sales.

A product license for Microsoft 365 (Office 365) E3 or E5 or Business Standard/Enterprise is required to purchase Copilot for Sales.

Sellers already licensed with Copilot for Microsoft 365 can purchase Copilot for Sales for an add-on cost of $20 per user/month.

Dynamics Sales Premium customers can activate Copilot for Sales with an additional purchase of Copilot for Microsoft 365 at $30 per user/month.

Next steps…

The evolution from Sales Copilot to Copilot for Sales brings more sales data and insights into the flow of work, helping sellers save time, focus on customers, and accelerate deals.

While Dynamics 365 Sales licenses remain unaffected, access to the complete Copilot for Sales features requires an upgraded license. This includes enhanced experiences for Outlook and Teams and exclusive Copilot features across Microsoft 365 apps with CRM data.

Elevate your CRM capabilities with Copilot for Sales. Connect with ServerSys to add Copilot for Sales to your subscription to unlock a world of sales efficiency and innovation for your business.

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February 1, 2024

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