How Hill Dickinson Advanced Its Digital Transformation with ServerSys

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How Hill Dickinson Advanced Its Digital Transformation with ServerSys

We’re delighted to unveil a case study showcasing our partnership with Hill Dickinson, a leading global commercial law firm.

Discover how our collaboration has supported Hill Dickinson’s digital transformation ambitions, utilising the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Here’s a summary of our case study:

  • Enhanced client management by integrating data with Dynamics 365 to enrich client communications and improve marketing outreach.
  • Modernised event handling, including our purpose-built mobile app to make attendee check-ins smoother than ever.
  • Continuous improvement resulting from regular calls with the ServerSys team to assist Hill Dickinson in maximising their technology.

Lisa Gale, CRM and Digital Marketing Expert at Hill Dickinson, shares her thoughts:

Microsoft Dynamics has been amazing for us. It’s been a lot more secure and reliable in supporting our client management aspirations. The ServerSys support team always works with me and finds the best possible solution. ServerSys knows Dynamics and understands our business, which saves a lot of time”

Our work with Hill Dickinson demonstrates our commitment to guiding our clients through their digital transformation journeys, providing innovative, user-centric solutions to meet current and future challenges.

To gain more insights, check out the full case study.

May 10, 2024

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Warren Butler

Warren Butler

Warren is the director of marketing at ServerSys. He brings over 20 years of experience covering business transformation, CRM and Microsoft Dynamics to help organisations grow by embracing technology.

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