How Dynamics 365 Helps Trade Associations Drive Growth

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How Dynamics 365 Helps Trade Associations Drive Growth

Trade associations face unique challenges distinguishing them from other membership and non-profit organisations. These include balancing member needs and advancing industry goals.

Digital transformation makes it easier for trade associations to quickly adapt and become more efficient by overcoming common operational challenges.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform technologies are at the forefront of driving innovation. Here at ServerSys, we help trade associations like yours use these tools to confidently achieve their objectives.

In this article, you’ll find examples of how we work with organisations to implement transformational solutions built on the Microsoft Cloud. We focus on simplifying the complex, ensuring teams are equipped to adapt and thrive.

Upgrading to Cloud-Based Efficiency

Trade associations experiencing the struggle of organising information and the limitations of outdated software will find a flexible and future-proof solution in Dynamics 365.

Dynamics brings together data from multiple sources, ensuring consistency and easy access. This simplifies the transition from spreadsheets and legacy applications to a central place where data is stored.

It works smoothly with tools you already use, including Outlook and Microsoft Teams. This minimises the time spent switching between interfaces and improves collaboration and communication.

By enabling strategic data use, it helps everyone turn insights into action without the steep learning curve often associated with new technology.

Deploying Dynamics 365 means that trade associations gain the agility and efficiency needed to focus on their core mission.

Tackling Diverse Needs

Dynamics 365 offers the flexibility of tailored membership management for diverse members.

Adeptly manage various membership types and pricing bands, which can accommodate multiple tiers that may be aligned with factors such as member turnover. This capability ensures that associations can effectively manage a selection of membership packages, applying prices accurately and seamlessly activating benefits.

Membership record in Dynamics 365

Alongside these capabilities, ServerSys also implements Dynamics 365 solutions with tools to streamline membership renewal processes. These include automated processes to identify memberships nearing expiry and accurately generate renewal invoices, simplifying complex and time-intensive tasks.

Let’s switch to how Dynamics can help increase member engagement and participation.

Member Engagement and Communication

Enhancing member engagement and facilitating impactful communications are at the heart of a vibrant trade community. Dynamics can play a key role in accomplishing these objectives by integrating case management with websites where members can find information, ask for help, and update their own details without needing to call or email.

Case management features support help teams by ensuring that each member’s question is addressed and resolved promptly, which is crucial for maintaining trust.

ServerSys is the leading Microsoft partner specialising in self-service web portals by creating websites that empower members, boost engagement and reduce workloads.

Critical processes can be handled within portals using the built-in Dynamics 365 integration. For example, we design websites to handle member applications, onboarding and grant applications with all interactions captured in Dynamics.

Dynamics 365’s level of innovation and scalability strengthens an association’s operations and deepens its relationship with members, fostering a community for growth and active participation.

Simplifying Event Management

From managing industry conferences to courses, Dynamics can simplify event management by coordinating everything in one place.

With Dynamics 365, managing the diverse requirements of speakers, delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors becomes a consolidated task.

Event attendee record

This includes tracking registrations, attendee types, and engagement activities, transforming logistical challenges into opportunities for participation and interaction.

Trade associations can use Dynamics to help secure event sponsors and exhibitors, keeping an accurate track of each income stream and cost. You can get a clear view of your bookings, enquiries and other data through built-in dashboards, to make informed decisions.

Using Power Automate, we can automate event updates and messages, which means less manual work for you and more timely information for your members.

Event record in Dynamics 365

Connected Financial Processes

Dynamics 365 also simplifies financial workflows by working with Business Central, another Microsoft product designed to improve financial performance.

This can transform the management of subscription invoicing and event financials into smoother processes. By integrating CRM capabilities with ERP functionality, trade associations gain a real-time view that increases financial oversight.

For instance, this integration can help streamline processes, such as managing revenues from memberships, event sponsorships and exhibitor fees. It helps organisations manage money and payments more easily, saving time and reducing mistakes. With precise data at their fingertips, leaders can make informed decisions swiftly, ensuring financial health and sustainability.

Partner with ServerSys for Streamlined Digital Solutions

Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform are transformative solutions for trade associations looking for practical, efficient ways to manage their unique challenges. These technologies simplify tasks, from membership management to financial operations, and scale easily.

Partnering with ServerSys means working with a experienced team committed to accelerating digital transformation. We focus on designing personalised, practical solutions that help organisations meet their members’ needs. Let’s explore how Dynamics 365 can help your organisation focus on growth. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.

May 23, 2024

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