Enhanced Sequence Preview Now Available in Dynamics 365

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Enhanced Sequence Preview Now Available in Dynamics 365

Sellers can enjoy the benefits of automating regular activities with prospects using Dynamics Sales Sequences.

This feature fosters a consistent, repeatable sales process that can deliver increased sales and support collaboration. Teams can connect leads to multiple sales sequences, but the visibility of this can sometimes be a challenge. For instance, it can be tricky to determine a lead’s stage in a sequence at a glance.

With the 2024 Release Wave 1, Microsoft has deployed a new feature to address this issue, which is generally available from April 2024

Enabled automatically, sellers can use the “Up Next” widget, typically viewed in the middle of a record form. Sellers can identify the connected sequences to the record and the upcoming step. With the latest enhancement, they can click a link of the sequence name, revealing a sequence preview panel on the right-hand side.

Open the Sequence Preview panel by selecting link in the up next widget

Preview Sequence Steps in Dynamics Sales

With this new enhancement, the seller has complete visibility of each sequence without navigating away from the record. The sequence is displayed with the next action at the top and consequent steps flowing to the bottom of the screen. A progress bar is displayed above the steps showing how far the lead is in the sequence journey. 

Sequence Preview Panel

Sellers will also have the opportunity to take action on the next step, with a drop-down menu list of options that include:

  • Complete – To mark the activity as finished and advance.
  • Skip – Advance to the next task.
  • Snooze – Surface a window that will allow the seller to choose how long to pause the activity on this step.
  • Assign – Give responsibility to another seller.
  • Add note – For extra contextual information on the step.
List of action options in sequence preview

If a sequence has multiple routes to completing the task, the seller can toggle between the options, revealing the alternative steps in the sequence journey.

You can use the ‘About Sequence’ tab on the panel for contextual information on a sequence.

This displays which seller the sequence is assigned to. It also shows the maximum steps involved.

Additionally, it presents the title and description of the sequence. It also displays when the sequence was created and the average duration.

If a seller decides that the sequence isn’t necessary, they also have the option to disconnect it from the record.

Sequence - contextual information tab

Why use the new Sales Sequence Feature?

The introduction of enhanced sequences brings a host of benefits for sellers and sales teams alike.

Improved Collaboration: Enhanced sequences facilitate easier collaboration within sales  teams, enabling them to work together more effectively towards shared goals.

Increased Transparency: With greater visibility into sequence activities and progress, team members can stay informed and aligned, reducing the risk of miscommunication or duplication of efforts.

Enhanced Productivity: By streamlining workflows and providing clear guidance on the next steps, enhanced sequences help everyone maximise productivity and drive deals forward more efficiently.

This feature empowers sellers and teams by providing comprehensive visibility into sequence activities and progress. It enables seamless collaboration towards achieving sales objectives. If your organisation has challenges around Sales Sequences or requires advice on strategies to use for your sales process, ServerSys can support your aspirations.

April 10, 2024

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