Dynamics 365 and Customer Voice: A deep dive into the future of feedback

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Dynamics 365 and Customer Voice: A deep dive into the future of feedback

In the fast-paced world of business, gathering meaningful feedback from customers can be akin to chasing a moving target.

Multiple data silos are another problem organisations face when trying to collect feedback, making it challenging to see the complete picture of your customer’s feedback. Additionally, the absence of the capability to process feedback and share insights across departments and management teams is another complication for businesses trying to understand customer sentiment.

Generate accurate, actionable feedback with Customer Voice.

Customer Voice (previously Forms Pro) offers comprehensive feedback management for organisations. It provides insights into customer and stakeholder perspectives on business operations.

With Customer Voice, businesses can distribute surveys, collect responses, and gain insights into customer opinions and preferences. Surveys can be distributed digitally through email, web links, or embedded forms on websites and apps.

Customer Voice provides a reporting dashboard, uncovering valuable aggregate insights across your live surveys. You can also understand what matters most by creating and tracking the unique customer satisfaction metrics critical to your business, such as Net Promoter Score and satisfaction over time.

Its native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform allows businesses to embed it seamlessly, creating a hands-off feedback system. This integration fosters repeatability and streamlines processes across the organisation.

Customer Voice also empowers you to make data-driven decisions. Your business can create triggers to automatically alert and predict when customers need attention, helping you devise strategies for how and to whom to respond. Let’s dive deep into how this works and how you can use Customer Voice in an organisation based on Dynamics 365.

How do I get Customer Voice?

Customer Voice is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family and can be accessed through an enterprise licence for Sales or Customer Service. You can also access this through a Field Service or Human Resources licence. This entitles you to 2,000 responses per month at the tenant level (irrespective of how many seats the tenant has). If responses are exhausted, additional capacity can be purchased for $100/month, providing 1,000 more responses.

Creating your first survey

Customer Voice offers templates for various scenarios, like surveys, post-service visits, deliveries, or support interactions. You can also create your own from a blank canvas.

Customer Voice Survey Template Creator

Taking advantage of Dataverse, you can use personalised content to create a more unique and user-friendly experience. For example, you can address people by their name or company. You can also customise your survey theme, using a colour scheme that matches your brand.

Design your Customer Voice survey to match your brand

Creating the questions for the survey is easy, and a simple interface is used by Customer Voice to add different types of possible answers, such as a rating system, multiple choice, or a ranking system. This seamless process enables businesses of all skill levels to set up surveys effortlessly, without technical expertise.

Easy to use Customer Voice designer

Customer Voice also allows customising a post-survey message, thanking them for taking the time to provide you with valuable feedback.

With a quick menu option, embed surveys in emails and share them across digital channels easily and quickly.

Satisfaction Metrics

Businesses utilise a range of metrics to gauge the efficacy of their customer experiences. Among these, a subset is tracked daily, the cornerstone for performance evaluation.

Using these metrics ensures that survey data collected can be effectively analysed, supporting decision-making. 

You can customise how these metrics are collected with four different methodologies at the project level.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): NPS is a metric used to measure customer loyalty. The score is calculated from the NPS-type question using a scale from 0 to 10. The respondents are grouped as follows:

  • Detractors are those who respond with a score from 0 through 6.
  • Passives are those who respond with a score of 7 or 8.
  • Promoters are those who respond with a score of 9 or 10.
  • NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. The score is a number that can range from –100 to 100.

Sentiment: Sentiment is a metric to identify customer sentiment toward a product or a service. Sentiment groups the responses to a text-based question as positive, negative, or neutral.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): CSAT is a metric used to measure customer satisfaction with a product or a service. CSAT is measured by responses to rating-type questions. The CSAT score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 5. If you create a question on a scale other than 1 to 5, the CSAT score is normalised as per the 1 to 5 scale.

Custom score: This metric uses survey scores to measure your respondent’s overall satisfaction level. The value of this metric is generated by combining responses from multiple questions.

View aggregate data for feedback in Customer Voice

Seamless Integration of Customer Voice with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 integration is crucial for Customer Voice, connecting feedback with business data seamlessly. Here’s how this integration works:

Customer Voice and D365 Sales integration

For instance, within Dynamics 365 Sales, you can access a customer’s profile and review their Customer Voice Data, which includes recent interactions, survey responses, and other relevant information.

Customer Voice and Dynamics Customer Insights

Using the capabilities of Customer Insights, you can quickly reference a Survey inside an email designer, which will link your audiences with the survey. This ensures the URL’s accuracy remains intact despite any changes made to the survey.

In addition, you will benefit from adding survey interactions to your audience segments, enabling you to trigger a customer journey. This allows you to automate your interactions with audiences such as sending a follow-up email thanking them for submitting the feedback form, to personalise and enhance the customer experience.

In Customer Insights - attach Customer Voice responses to your segment.

Customer Voice and Power Automate

Using Power Automate, you can automate the distribution of surveys based on specific triggers. For instance, you can set up a workflow to automatically dispatch a survey upon completing or closing a work order in Dynamics 365.

Businesses can ensure timely solicitation of feedback from customers without manual intervention. This automation saves time and resources, ensuring systematic feedback collection and accurate understanding of customer sentiment. It also overcomes the challenges around fragmented data systems as Power Automate supports Customer Voice to interact natively with other applications in the Microsoft Dataverse. 

Setup Power Automate flows with Customer Voice

Customer Voice and D365 Customer Service

Using Customer Voice, you can swiftly generate pre-made automation templates to dispatch a survey upon resolving a Customer Service case. You can also view feedback responses to a case directly inside the Customer Service Workspace, enabling agents to review feedback and satisfaction metrics. A detailed feedback view enhances agents’ insights into their performance and each customer’s experience.

View Customer Voice surveys in Customer Service

Customer-Driven Success: Microsoft’s Feedback Frontier

Microsoft Customer Voice offers a potent solution for businesses facing feedback-gathering and analysis challenges. By seamlessly integrating with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, Customer Voice empowers organisations to streamline feedback management processes and drive actionable insights across various departments.

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February 23, 2024

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