DAVIS Driver Licence Check Integration for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Quickly validate driver licences for vehicle test drives with Davis chcks embedded in Dynamics 365 and other Power Apps. Easily verify named driver eligibility to reduce liability and simplify your demostraetion management workflows.

A faster way to vet drivers for test drives.

Before allowing people to test drive vehicles, dealers and manufacturers must check driver eligibility.

DAVIS is a leading provider for verifying licences and checking driver endorsements. However, failure to integrate these steps with other processes can lead to delays.

As a specialist partner working in the automotive sector, ServerSys helps businesses streamline workflows with an integrated solution that connects DAVIS with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

We can help you implement automated processes using data from DAVIS to approve or decline demonstrations automatically based on your unique criteria.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 and DAVIS Integration

Simplify Processes

Run DAVIS licence checks from Dynamics 365 or a Power Apps solution to verify driver eligibility quickly.

Reduced Admin Burden

Replace manual verifications, enabling a quicker experience while ensuring credentials are checked.

Consistent Validation

Automatically approve or decline test drive requests using DAVIS checks and your defined rules.

DAVIS drivers licence check updated on Dynamics 365 contact record

How it Works

Our customisable solution uses an API to connect DAVIS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or other model-driven Power Apps.

This will check if a valid licence check has recently been completed. If not, an email request can be sent to the named driver from Dynamics via DAVIS.

Within the Microsoft app, users can monitor the status. For example, this may show the check as approved, pending, incomplete or declined by the driver.

Once a driver enters their licence details on the DAVIS platform, it provides instant results, including identified risks. We help car dealers and other organisations in the automotive sector apply these results to their unique validation criteria to show a demo approval or decline status.

By combining DAVIS data with the information stored in Microsoft Dataverse, bespoke rules that automatically set the status to determine a driver’s eligibility can be configured.

For instance, a decline status could be defined using criteria including:

  • A maximum number of points on a driver’s licence.
  • Specific endorsement codes.
  • Newly issued licences.
  • Expired licences.
  • Licences with restrictions.
  • A combination of CRM data and the proposed vehicle model for the demo. For instance, this condition may preclude younger drivers from demonstrating a high-performance car.
DAVIS driver licence check integration for Dynamics 365 to manage vehicle demo booking processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this integration designed for?

Our DAVIS integration is primarily designed for car dealers who want to improve the handling of demo requests from fleet or consumer customers.

However, this solution can be implemented by any customer using a Dynamics 365 or Power Apps solution that would benefit from integrating licence checks with vehicle demonstration processes. This could include auction houses, racing circuits, auto manufacturers and car rental companies.

Are driver licences stored in Dynamics 365?

Licence checks are handled in DAVIS, so no licence information is stored in Microsoft Dataverse, the common data storage model for Dynamics and Power Apps.

What DAVIS validation details are shown in Dynamics 365?

The integration will only report the status of the check, including fail and pass statuses, with the relevant date. To ensure data privacy, the reasons for a “fail” will not be stored or reported in Microsoft Dataverse. However, authorised individuals may log in to the DAVIS portal to view detailed information about each check.

Can manual overrides be applied?

We can help you implement a process that precisely applies your rules. This can allow flexibility that enables authorised users to approve or decline test drives manually.

Are multi-driver requests supported?

In these scenarios, DAVIS licence checks are typically bypassed as drivers will rely on their insurance cover.

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