CRM implementation can often fail to meet your expectations.

Serversys has managed more than 500 projects including multiple rescued implementations.

New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) installations and IT projects often start out with the best intentions. You are hoping to save your company money or help increase efficiency and productivity. This is true if your implementsation follows a robust implementation method. Following a well-structured project plan will ultimately decide how successful your implementation is.

There are some basic reasons why CRM implementations fail:

  • Stakeholders and goals have not been defined in advance
  • The project has become overly complicated
  • Lack of "cultural" adoption
  • Lack of product expertise

While following an agreed project plan, CRM implementations can take time and need to be phased with proper planning. Not only does a step-by-step process have to be laid out, it should include all objectives and how they will be reached. These objectives need to be made clear to all users of the system. Having a project manager to help create and carry out this strategy is essential. Don't introduce too many features that in turn make it difficult for users to adopt the CRM solution. Keep it simple. Easy-to-understand is better.

A diverse project team is equally important. Try to avoid thinking like an IT worker. Think like a user who doesn't have all of your IT prowess and experience. The easier it is for your staff and customers to use, the more successful your CRM implementation will be.

Some golden rules for success are:

  • Involve as many staff as possible throughout the entire process
  • Define your objectives and write them down
  • Define your requirements and allocate priorities
  • Define your selection criteria and stick to it
  • Plan, budget and monitor and look ahead five years
  • Ensure system continuity and retain knowledge
  • Have someone who understands and obtain independent advice

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