Case Study: Altodigital

How Altodigital migrated to Microsoft Dynamics, gaining mobile access and real-time analytics that empowered users and increased productivity.
Junior Offshore Group Case Study


  • Migrated from an outdated GoldMine CRM system to cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Gained mobile CRM access for sales teams to access and update on the go.
  • Gain increased flexibility for personalisation and real-time analytics.
  • Empowered users with self-service reporting and workload management.
  • Increased the number of sales appointments and productivity.

Who are Altodigital?

Altodigital specialises in providing technology solutions for workplaces. They offer a range of services including IT services, digitisation, automation, communication, and managed print services.

The Challenge

Altodigtal had been using GoldMine for more than 10 years. Having maximised the application to its potential, the management team felt that the software had become outdated, and its limited functionality was holding the business back. The decision was made to switch to a modern CRM system.
What followed was a detailed evaluation of the leading CRM products. Reporting and customisation were critical. Altodigital needed visibility of their sales pipeline in order to understand their sales funnel and to support its mobile sales teams.
Paramount to its evaluation was understanding each vendor’s commitment to on-going product development.

The Solution

“We selected Microsoft Dynamics because of their openness around their product roadmap and commitment to future product development. The customisation and reporting power, combined with the fresh, clean user interface were real ticks in the box for us,” comments Stuart Dennis, MIS Group Project Manager at Altodigital.

“We felt that user adoption and learning time would be quicker with Dynamics as our staff were already comfortable and familiar with Microsoft products. We also purchased additional add-on products, including the Click Dimensions solutions, to provide marketing automation for our respective sales and marketing teams to drive our business forward.”

“As part of the evaluation, we also measured our existing CRM partner ServerSys against other CRM partners. Although deep down, we knew we didn’t want to lose ServerSys, the management team needed to be objective and commercial in their thinking. After the evaluation, the team were unanimous in their decision to continue our relationship with ServerSys. Our evaluation had revealed that they are competitively priced and that their CRM knowledge and skills are excellent.”

“In the many years we have worked with ServerSys, we have never had a bad situation arise. Their support goes above and beyond anything we’d expect. Our relationship with ServerSys is excellent, we personally know their team, and they know us. Having this kind of relationship with a CRM partner is critical in today’s competitive landscape. We felt that we were in safe hands considering our faultless relationship with them.”

“Microsoft Dynamics was implemented and rolled out across our 9 offices and is working really well for us. The biggest win for the sales teams was having access to CRM on their mobile devices. It has made things a lot easier for them and just speeds everything up. They can now do their appointments and forecasts on the go. The web interface is very intuitive, and there is no real learning curve.”

“We enjoy the fact that there are lots of ways to do things in Dynamics, it’s much more flexible. For example, simple things, such as having multiple windows open to compare company details, was simply not possible in our GoldMine system. On a day-to-day basis, we use the whole solution, from appointments to recording phone calls, leads to customer service. We are trying to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics as possible by grabbing it by the horns. We were just so limited when using GoldMine, Dynamics it’s much more open-ended ended” continues Stuart.

User Adoption for Altodigital Dynamics CRM system

“Migrating from GoldMine to Microsoft Dynamics was probably the smoothest transition I have ever completed. I cannot fault ServerSys. The transfer went beautifully, with no problems at all. ServerSys went out of their way to make everything work perfectly. It’s comforting to know that we have experts working alongside us who will go the extra mile. The level of service ServerSys provides is outstanding. The board are delighted that this has been a highly successful transfer and roll-out.”

Stuart Dennis, MIS Group Project Manager. – Altodigital

Altodigital empowers its workforce with Dynamics CRM tools

User Adoption

“User adoption was pushed heavily at the board level. They were invested and committed to Microsoft Dynamics’ success from the outset. Initial user adoption across all departments was very good. Once the end users had completed a few reports themselves and used the advanced finder, they picked it up quickly. The ease of use and flexibility of the product have helped considerably. We eased user adoption by building out a library of standard reports in advance so that familiar reports were there from day 1. This was well received by the teams and helped ease adoption.”, concludes Stuart.

Early results revealed that the number of appointments made had increased and has consistently exceeded the levels previously recorded in Goldmine. This is attributed to Altodigtal’s teams finding Microsoft Dynamics easier access and update information.

Future Implementations

As Altodigtal become more familiar with Dynamics, they expect to complete more detailed analytics, which will highlight business gaps and opportunities, helping them to become more profitable and make more informed management decisions.

Its MIS team have a number of new projects planned. One involves automating the sales documentation and process flow. Helping their sales and sales order processing teams become more streamlined and efficient.

Another project is centred on automating leasing agreements. This will allow their sales teams to search for individual lease information at the customer and supplier level. Armed with this up-to-date information, the sales teams are presented with lease agreement renewal opportunities to immediately follow up.

Next Steps

Is your business being held back by outdated technology?

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