Personalise your email campaigns with dynamic subject lines and improve open rates!

A study has shown that when marketers have taken the time to personalise the subject line, they increase their open rates by 50% and lead to 58% higher click-to-open rates. This is according to data by Yes Lifestyle Marketing which was made available in a recent press release.

Luckily, Click Dimensions can enable you to do this easily with just a few clicks!

We can see why it would work so effectively.

When our names show up in an email subject line, we feel like we are being spoken to, and it helps us prune through the spam in our mailboxes.

Rather than manually adding an individuals name or title each time you send an email out, you can automate this process within Click Dimensions

So to get started, you will need to open up a new Drag and Drop template in Dynamics 365 Marketing and navigate to "Edit Content" 

Next, on the right-hand column of the window you will see a toolbar as shown below:

Once you have clicked that, you will see a popup displaying personalisation options that you can you can embed into your email copy. They are sorted by tabs for Owner, Lead, Contact, Account, Email Send levels.You can then select the type of personalisation such as first name, last name, title, location and many others. Example of how this view should look is shown below:

Once you have selected your chosen personalisation, a code will be generated such as $([0]!""}.

Lastly, you will need to switch back to your Dynamics template settings view and paste the code inside the Subject line. To see how this should look, we've shown this view below:

So that's it! Now your campaign will now be personalised for each member of your marketing list, which should lead to higher open rates. Of course, we strongly recommend you test this thoroughly by sending it to a test list, to allow you to diagnose any potential issues before sending it live. You can also use the FreeMarker button inside the template designer to check for validation and errors.