Must see Webinars for Dynamics 365 in 2019

If you're looking to get up to speed on the latest updates for Dynamics 365, or need to mentor new employee's, then look no further. 


Community Corner: Successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Scrum with Neil Benson (MVP)


Webinar series for customer service and SMB professionals

Learn how Dynamics 365 Business Central works together with Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions.

54 percent of organizations struggle with process and system integration issues, based on a survey of SMB leaders. This webinar explores how disconnected systems constrain growth in today’s business environment as well as new ways to connect and scale business management tools and processes in the cloud. A “better together” demo explores how to bridge capabilities in Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central to break down silos across people, data, and processes.

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Webinars for sales, marketing, customer service, and finance pros

webinar series provides a wealth of insights from Microsoft experts, market researchers, and industry luminaries with one goal in mind: to help you optimize your business and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. The latest additions are essential viewing for professionals across sales, marketing, customer service, and finance.
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Scott Sewell and Titanic Customer Engagement

MVP and current Microsoftie, Scott Sewell. He is on the Community Corner to show off a neat demo he has created using datasets from the Titanic (yes, the infamous ship). It is a great example of how to use all the Business Apps


Customer service webinar series: The new age of customer service

Customer service is changing and the revolution is well underway. Customer service is quickly becoming the epicenter for leading customer experience and customer engagement initiatives, focusing on consistently delivering a positive customer experience to continually build engagement. These initiatives are reinventing customer service, helping organizations become more strategic, and adapt to the way customers want to be served.

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