Are you making these common CRM mistakes?

At Serversys we pride ourselves on helping our clients get the most out of their CRM solutions. They are versatile applications that enable stronger relationships between customers and businesses. If not used correctly they can lead to headaches. We’ve put this list together that cover the common mistakes CRM users make and guidance avoiding them.


Lack of ownership

Since 1998, Serversys has been implementing CRM solutions for 100’s of organisations. One of our top recommendations is to have a product owner in the organisation who takes responsibility for the system and has an overview of all the processes in place. 

Ideally, this person should have a good understanding of the system. They should also ensure CRM is meeting the business objectives.


Not setting CRM objectives

When committing to purchasing a CRM system, you should be asking yourself: What do I want to achieve and how can CRM help us reach our goals? 

Do you have KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in place to measure success or failure of your CRM deployment? You may want to consider having metrics setup for measuring both short and long-term objectives.


Customising CRM

CRM is a powerful application that can support your business needs. From automated workflows to missing data fields - making the most out of your CRM will pay dividends in the future.

With planned development and customisation you can quickly have a solution to fit your business needs. 


Knowing your CRM

When implementing a new CRM system, you will save yourself future problems by having your teams up to speed with all the processes involved.

We appreciate your users are busy and they want to focus on what they do best. We believe that scheduling enough time for them to develop their CRM knowledge will help them optimise their own workflow going forward. CRM systems frequently update with new features and removing old ones, so it's vital your users are kept updated and provided adequate training. 


Dodgy Data

Your system is as only as good as the information that’s put into it. A common mistake is CRM users entering inaccurate or incomplete data. If your team doesn’t trust the system, they’ll quickly find reasons not to use it.

We would recommend regular reviews of your data set and your data entry processes so that relevant fields are not left empty. A quick spot check across your team will ensure your information is accurate, which will make your sales teams life much easier. In fact, it will possibly even improve your sale performance by utilising more accurate information on your customers.

We would also advise you to set some guidelines so they can independently enter data to best practice.

We hope that pointing out some of these traps will help you get the most out of your CRM. If you would like additional support, Serversys can help you to get your solution optimised for your organisation. As a Microsoft partner, we deploy highly customised Dynamics 365 solutions and can supply training, extended development, and consultancy. This lets you can avoid common problems from day one.