• Optimise customer journey - Unifying Sales and Marketing

    Microsoft has provided us a free webinar that we wanted to share with you: Breaking Down Silos to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences.

    It covers the sales and marketing challenge for organisations using Dynamics 365, and a guide on taking an intelligent approach to providing a coherent customer experience.

    With 60% of companies rating alignment of sales and marketing as poor, you could use this guide as a way to identify bottle necks in your own strategy to help close future deals. These deficiencies often include your marketing team using the incorrect messaging for the segment audience, and then the follow up sales call not considering the original offering, greatly confusing the customer.

    Dynamics 365 has tools available to remove these problems, and can also be supported by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Adobe Marketing.

    Watch the video and optimise your sales strategy:

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  • How to guide: Create automated email campaign reports

    Have you ever wanted to track the performance of your marketing emails directly inside Dynamics 365? Then look no further as we have just the guide.

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  • Is Cortana coming to Dynamics 365?

  • Customer Driven Update for Dynamics 365 is coming.

    Microsoft has announced that Dynamics 365 has entered the final phase of the customer driven roll-out update to version 9.0. They've explained that the current target is to make the update schedule available in January 2018 with the window for implementing the update will start in February 2018 and will finish in August 2018.

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  • Intel Vulnerability Information 4/1/2018

    We're fully aware of the recent news concerning the Intel vulnerability. Microsoft has been in touch and informed us that as always, their top priority is customer security, and have taken active steps to ensure that no Azure customer is exposed to any vulnerabilities. Microsoft had a patch to fix the issue scheduled but have rightly decided to perform an accelerated deployment across their infrastructure. 

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  • Top D365 Webinar picks for 2018

    We’re predicting 2018 will be even bigger for Microsoft Dynamics 365 than 2017. We think this would be a great time to get started and learning about the product features and insights from experts within the CRM industry.

    We’ve released our top Webinar picks to get to grips with the nuts and bolts of the CRM that will help you understand the possibilities it can bring to your organisation.


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  • Repackaging Dynamics 365 – The 2018 Simplified Purchasing Experience

    We’ve always appreciated the confusion the community has had with how Dynamics 365 has been branded and packaged as a CRM solution. Microsoft have taken the step to re-position Dynamics, and aims to help SMB and Enterprise customers with a simplified process for procuring and launching Dynamics 365.

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  • Are you GDPR Ready?

    GDPR is coming into effect on 25th May 2018

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years.

    We're here to help you make sure you are ready for GDPR. We'll continue to add resources including information on the upcoming regulatory changes that will start to be enforced in May 2018. We'll be covering how GDPR will impact B2B CRM customers and steps you can take to be compliant. Please feel free to download our 7-step practical guide to achieving GDPR compliance, and how your CRM environment will be impacted by the new regulation.

    We'll start with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) that have provided a valuable, updated resource on GDPR. It covers who it applies to, what the principles of the regulation are, the rights of individuals and more.

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  • Upcoming features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – July 2017 Release

    The biggest update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to date is soon to be available and we’re eager to jump in and examine all the new improvements, tweaks and fixes to the cloud based software. We’ll also be looking at deprecated features and finding out what will be replacing them.

    We are particularly excited about the new User Experience improvements, such as mobile layout support theme options, expanded offline mobile capabilities, and a new activity timeline for mobile. The July (v9) CRM update has a whole host of changes, so let’s get started with the new Customer Service Hub.



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