How do we develop customer projects?

At Serversys, we meticulously plan CRM and other business solution projects with your input throughout the process. We have decades of experience planning scalable projects and we know that following an agile led process leads to rapid and reliable results.

Our proven, well tested methodology includes taking a phased approach to project implementation which incorporates a review of post-implementation support and training needs. We want to build long term relationships and offer on going development, training and support which we factor into our planning processes.

Project Scope

Our Business Consultant gains a complete understanding of all relevant procedures and requirements from all areas within the organisation, and across all user groups. The review includes the identification of day-to-day operations, weekly reports, management views and director overviews.

Design and documentation

Your assigned Business Consultant will next decide how your CRM solution will be customised to meet your requirements. Processes will be designed, and a clear road map of your project identified. We document all findings for review by the Project Manager at your organisation.

Implementation and testing

Installations are undertaken by fully qualified Serversys Consultants, working closely with an assigned System Administrator from your organisation (so you gain a true understanding of the back office workings of your solution).

As part of the implementation process, your solution is configured to meet the document produced by your Business Consultant, all remote sites/users are set-up, and a full test of your installed solution is carried out.


Your system will now be ready for any custom development work or integration with other existing systems. This will be carried out by qualified Serversys Consultants and we always work to the specifications.

Data conversion

Serversys has vast experience in data conversion from many different product sources. Using in-built solution tools or powerful external data conversion tools, we ensure this vital process runs smoothly and leaves you with all the information that you require within your new CRM solution.


Using our years of experience Serversys will design a training programme to suit all user groups within your organisation. Training takes place on completion of implementation so that we can ensure relevancy and familiarity with training based upon your own customised solution.


Following implementation and training, there are sure to be various technical queries that you will need answering. The Serversys support team ensures all of your technical needs are dealt with in an efficient and appropriate manner. Our Service Level Agreements are strictly adhered to at all times.

We regularly review and refine our development processes to improve the value customers receive. Our team are all certified with up to date Microsoft qualifications giving you peace of mind that your solution is in safe hands.

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