At Serversys we live and breathe business solutions and have done for 16 years, growing organically to include such clients as Honda, HSA and Capita. We have also been recognised as the top UK Business Partner by multiple vendors no fewer than 12 times.

In 2009 we acquired OpportunIT, which enabled us to provide more clients with an even better service.

In 2011 we acquired Solica Consulting to further expand our offering and provide an extra layer of CRM consulting and support expertise.

Amongst all the growth, mergers and acquisitions, our team all have one thing in common – we all ‘get’ Business Solutions and how critical these are to your business.

Today Serversys are a true business partner to our clients and our vendors. We offer the entire stack of business solutions from Office 365, cloud server deployments through to CRM.

If you would like to find out about developing a partnership with us, get in touch today: